Unit 6-1

  Read the condition scenario and then fascinate transcribe 1-2 paragraphs responding the subjoined questions using APA formatting. Fascinate present your assignment to your instructor. Planning for the Unexpected Unexpected situations betide all the spell, and the past you cunning for them, the reform alert you'll be when developing software. Your employees get get into accidents, narrow viruses, and diseases, and test other vivacity issues. These scenarios control to unplanned travel, which can toss your pur-pose cunning into a tailspin. What can betide to a pur-pose when a key employee suddenly quits or is impenetrable to go on short-term impotency? When reviewing all the contrariant SDLC methodologies, which one offers the principal flexibility for unplanned employee downtime? If you could appropriate when your employee was absent, which view in the SDLC would be the safest for your pur-pose to remain and end victory? What can you do to secure that you are preparing for unplanned travel on your pur-pose cunning?