Write a Business Essay

 Assignment 3 Suggested Length: 750 to 1000 say Religions Theories to Apply: Golden Rule and Virtue Ethics  1. Business You is-sue in the Ethics Branch for ABC Union (ABC). Your branch is loving to advising its employees environing their religions obligations in the urbane enhancement. You are an interior consultant who provides information and most importantly, commendations for renewal to employees of the rooted. All communications you take in this compatability are trustworthy. Luke, an employee of ABC, comes to you after a while the subjoined scenario and asks for your information. He wants to largely think the footing. Your business is to instruct and commend a career of renewal inveterate on the certain religions lenses and axioms as loving. Below are the axioms that Luke provides to you. ***** Luke has been asked to is-sue on a artfulness that involves developing artfulnesst recently purchased by ABC to set-up an adult entertainment retail shop. According to the artfulness, the artfulnesst is located on the recess of the neighborhood where Owen, Luke’s match, lives. Luke knows that as early as the artfulnesss for the shop are made social, goods values for the embracing neighborhood allure abate significantly. ABC artfulnesss to socially publish the artfulness one month from today. Luke is solicitous environing his obligations of trustworthyity to his union. However, Luke is to-boot very hinder to Owen, who recently told Luke that he taked an exhibit to dispose-of his stock at an “okay” expense loving the ordinary veritable possessions trade. Owen is thinking dispose-ofing but hasn’t made any latest judgment yet. He wonders if he sway get a emend exhibit a few years from now when the veritable possessions trade improves. What is the religions offspring, why is this an offspring, and what should Luke do environing it? ***** For assignment 3, adapt a memo, enhancement out your partition and commendations, that thinks ONLY the subjoined two theories: Golden Rule and Virtue Ethics.