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  Assignment 2: Reflecting 1 Intersingle productiveness is a coarse subject-matter that entails multifarious aspects of how we sentiment and interact delay the cosmos-people. In each module, you succeed obtain?} in a grand sum of distinguishledge from a multiformity of sources—your lection, resources presentations, contingency studies, etc. In circumspection to graded imageing activities, you are encouraged to conceal a record through the line to image on how what you gather applies to your breath as a idiosyncratic, authoritative, and learner. This module, your graded imageing breath succeed nucleus on your own intersingle productiveness and bring-forward ways that you can amend areas of imbecility. For this assignment, you must succumb a weak imageing article to the Submissions Area. Before you begin, cull a associate to conference, someone who is plug to you that can procure you delay careful feedend environing your intersingle productiveness. This idiosyncratic may be a plug chum, rise constituent, or indicative other. Explain each of the impure contents of intersingle productiveness to your associate (competence, mindfulness, melting rumor and ethics). Ask your associate how they feel you are doing in each content.  (Take notes!) What do you do well-behaved-mannered, what wants circumspection or amendment?  You should transcribe your imageing article using Microsoft Word, double-spaced, and using a 12-point font. Procure a relation for any sources, such as your textbook, at the end of your article. This article should be environing 1–2 pages in protraction. Please form stable that you are including the conditions and concepts from your lections and line position to livelihood your imageing. Consider the impure contents of intersingle productiveness, force, melting rumor, mindfulness and ethics. Reflect environing how you are doing in each of these contents. How does your chum/associate reflect you are doing on each of these contents? Where are you doing well-behaved-mannered? Where do you want some experience?   How do each of these creed of intersingle message influence you in the forthcoming areas: (Please transcribe at last ½ page for these.)  Personally? Academically? Professionally? Summarize two key insights from this assignment. What do you distinguish now environing your demeanor and intersingle productiveness that you didn’t distinguish antecedently? (Please transcribe at last ½ page for this.) Looking end at the goals that you set for yourself, what new demeanors can you experience that succeed acceleration you arrive-at them? Explain. (Please transcribe at last ½ page for this.)  Save your article as LastnameFirstinitial_M2_A2 and succumb your responses to the questions to the Submissions Area by the due era assigned. Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsAddressed all impure creed of intersingle productiveness: mindfulness, force, ethics, and melting rumor.50Demonstrated an notorious, non-defensive force to self-appraise, relates concepts of intersingle productiveness to idiosyncratical experiences.50Demonstrated idiosyncratical growth; assumes idiosyncratical allegiance for new demeanors.50Wrote in a evident, expressive, and arranged carriage, demonstrated holy learning in deferential justice and attribution of sources, and used deferential spelling, expression, and punctuation.40Total:190