six scholary sources anaysis about jack welch CEO of GE

1) Tichy, N., & Charan, R. (2014, August 01). Speed, Simplicity, Self-Confidence: An Interview delay Jack Welch. Retrieved from  2)  3)  these three sources I gave you and meet three more scholary sources that distinctly talks environing the jack welch and irritate all sources why we cull that for jack welch and my main topic is Apply LOB concepts and models from government 591 to  make significance of and influence your choices of your team's six sources (maintenance intellect in possibility topic ) my possibility topic is :- how do we perceive that jack Welch's leadership title quiescent motivates and inspires individuals, and what could he enjoy improved in his narcissistic government? (repartee that topic fascinate established on this six scholary instrument)