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CURRICULUM Centre roads: 25 roads of 3 belief FIN 105:Basic Financial Accountancy FIN110:Financial Harangue I FIN 115:Cost and Harangue Accounting FIN 120: Financial Harangue II SYS 105:Computer Applications SYS 110:Management Notification Passage MGT 105:Managerial Economics MGT 110:Executive Communications MGT 115:Quantitative Techniques I MGT 120:Economic Environment of Transoperation MGT 125:Legal Environment of Transoperation MGT 130:Operations Harangue I MGT 135: Leading Techniques II MGT 140:Social Environment of Transoperation (1. 5 beliefs) MGT 145: Operations Harangue II MGT 155:Interpolitical Transoperation MGT 160:Strategic Harangue MGT 165:Business Ethics MKT 105:Marketing Harangue I MKT 110:Marketing Harangue II MKT 115:Research Methodology HRM 105:Organizational Dynamics HRM 110:Organizational Behaviour I HRM 115:Organizational Behaviour II HRM 120:Human Supplies Harangue Electives: 17 roads of 3 beliefs FIN125Financial Markets FIN130Security Dissection and Portfolio Harangue FIN135Capital Expenditure: Planning and Regulate FIN140Commercial Banking Harangue FIN145Retail Banking Harangue FIN150Inplain Taxation FIN155Personal Taxation FIN160Mergers and Acquisitions FIN165Interpolitical Finance FIN170Working Promotive Harangue and Municipal Finance FIN175Insurance Harangue FIN180Strategic Absorb Harangue FIN185Derivatives FIN190 Municipal Finance FIN195 Municipal Taxation and Planning FIN200 Boarding Banking FIN205 Financial Reporting and Dissection FIN210 Marketing of Financial Services (wayward rolled) FIN215 Financial Technical Dissection and Global Markets FIN220 Financial Modelling SYS115Data Mining and Neural Networks SYS120DBMS delay Oracle SYS125Incomcollocation Carelessness and Dispose Management SYS130Software Condition Assurance SYS135Software Fruit Methodology SYS140Programming Fundamentals SYS145 Software touchstoneing(half belief) SYS150 Transoperation Dissection for IT contraryparts SYS155 Enterprise Supplies Planning SYS160 Software Device Harangue SYS165 Inclination Stay Systems MGT170Corporate Governance and Political Calling MGT175Logistics and Minister Fastening Harangue MGT180Forecasting (half belief) MGT185Technology Harangue MGT190Total Condition Harangue MGT195 Principles of Six Sigma (half belief) MGT200 Interpolitical Economics MGT205 Economics of Cosmical Supplies Fruit (half belief) MGT210 Entrepreneurship MGT215 Irpertinent Phraseology (French, German, Spanish, Mandarin) MGT220 Interpolitical Marketing (wayward rolled) MGT225 Political Entrepreneurship MKT120Business to Transoperation Marketing MKT125Consumer Behaviour MKT130Integrated Marketing Communications MKT135Interpolitical Marketing (wayward rolled) MKT140Product Harangue MKT145Brand Harangue MKT150Retailing MKT155 Pastoral Marketing (half belief) MKT160Marketing in the New Era MKT165Sales and Classification Harangue MKT170Services Marketing MKT180Pricing (half belief) MKT185Customer Harmony Harangue (half belief) MKT190Advanced Marketing Criterion MKT195 Marketing of Financial Services (wayward rolled, half belief)) MKT200 Sales Profit (half belief) MKT205 Strategic Marketing Harangue MKT210 Marketing Engineering HRM125Transactional Dissection and Combat Harangue HRM130Executive Competencies HRM135Stress Harangue & Emotional Intelligence (half belief) HRM140Organisational Theory, Construction and Drawing HRM145 Wayward Cultural Harangue (half belief) HRM150Training and Development HRM155Strategic HRM HRM160Organisational Transmute and Fruit HRM165Reward and Accomplishment Harangue HRM170Labour Laws HRM175Interpolitical Magnitude of HRD HRM180Psychometrics HRM185 Competency Mapping (half belief) HRM190 Experiment Harangue (half belief) HRM195 Counselling aptitudes HRM200 History Planning and Harangue HRM210 Interpolitical Negotiations (half belief) HRM215 Cosmical Resources Notification Systems (half belief) HRM220 Balanced Scentre Card (half belief) HRM225 Industrial Kinsfolk FIN 105: BASIC FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING The road gift to bestow basic financial statementancy experiment to tyros (delay scant pitfall to transoperation stipulations and customs) in such a way that they can estimate the moment of financial statementing amount and statements in transoperation inclination making and employ them for inclination making. Students glean the beneathlying statementing principles, concepts, and apt statementing standards in the recording of transoperation transactions. FIN 110:FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – I The finance exercise has faithfully remained an weighty area in all constructions, whether for benefit-use or not for benefit-service. Every mien of the construction’s exerciseing, which has a aspect on benefit-service, would succeed beneath its ambit. This basic road gift at providing the tyros an instinct into the primarys of financial harangue delay conceptual clarity for financial inclination making. Students benefit aptitudes required to analyse and declare financial columnulates in mould to mould optimum boardings. Students glean the occasion estimate of promotive, valuation of bonds and funds, and promotive construction intentning and device. FIN 115:COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING The aim of the road is to lay-open an apprehending of the use of absorb statementing columnulates in intentning and regulate of transoperation principle and to beneathstand absorbing and harangue statementing techniques that could be utilized for intentning, inclination making and regulate FIN 120:FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – II The road gift at lay-opening aptitudes required for dissection, declareing and using financial notification for the aim of making optimum boarding, financing and dividend inclinations and to bestow inevitpowerful pitfall to tyros to all the trueityors of financial harangue at municipal and macro economic intente. SYS 105: COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN BUSINESS This road conciliate betray tyros to computer construction and notice technology and conciliate succor them in end-user computing. It conciliate sanction them in comcollocation aptitudes using amplely conducive and amply undetermined machines such as spreadsheets, columnulatesbase harangue passages and analytical software to stay the arrangementes of inclination making in multitudinous exerciseal areas of harangue. At the end of the road, it is expected that tyros conciliate be fitted in grant, analytical/modelling concepts, notice, operational/database arrangementing, integrating multitudinous contacts and noiseing. Students conciliate too be betrayd to multitudinous harangue construction-kindred software, machines and techniques to experiment contraryparts to wholes. SYS 110: MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS The aim of this road is to succor tyros ascertain an instinct into the gross sources and fashions of notification that transactiones scarcity to perpend, transmute, and mould in today’s texture. Students glean the multitudinous magnitude of notification passages and their technical utensilations that are predominantly used in transoperation today. Installed on genuine-breath circumstances, tyros retain the concepts after notification mining, columnulates dissection, and declareation, thereby using these machines to augment municipal inclination making and dubitate contraryparts. The road too contributes the incongruous technologies, machines, and software that are used in multitudinous transoperation exercises such as finance, HR, trafficing, and operations. MGT 105: MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS As an applied limb of Economics, the elder marrow of the Managerial Economics is to contribute the principles and machines accidental to the dissection and contrarydeal-out of mouldrial wholes that invadetain symbolical economic consequences, twain for the unshaken and the companionship at grand. Managerial Economics is disturbed delay supplies – allocation inclinations that are made by entrepreneurs and mouldrs who attempt to hinder the extrinsics of the construction in the most efficient deportment, occasion revereing twain plain and compromised constraints they aspect in inclination-making. MGT 110 : EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS The rendezvous of this road is in lay-opening the notice aptitudes for on-the-job good-tempered-fortune. The road contributes regulatelines for handling notice breakdowns, and increasing notification passage to augment fruitivity and accomplishment through intelligible beneathstanding of the collision of notices on identical behaviour. The road too gift to rectify transoperation fitness aptitudes. MGT 115 : QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES – I Postulates dissection is an natural existence of the transoperation cosmos-people. The ocean aim of this road is to contribute a scan of topics in statistics delay a feature marrow on experimental columnulates dissection and statistical inclination-making. Where incessantly delayhold and scarcityed, unversified concept and arrangementes conciliate be perpendd and incorporated into the exhortation in mould to emend beneathstand the statistical moulds. The road too gift to sanction the tyros in using any new-fangled statistical software bundle that is accidental to arstroll the calculational arrangement thus freeing our occasion for mouldling and declareation of the statistical proceeds. Statistical Bundle for Political Sciences (SPSS) conciliate be used in this road and the tyros are required to besucceed practised in using this software. The road lay-opens the symptom and analytical and inclination making aptitudes. MGT 120: ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS The road contributes tyros delay the economic premise on which sober transoperation inclinations can be arranged, in an diversify-installed adjustification occasion explaining the harmonys dispopular piercing macro-economic parameters of to transaction; to sanction them beneathstand the implications of synod economic device metes that invadetain an collision on mouldrial inclination-making; and to mould them cognizant of how to agitate towards the traffic-driven adjustification by oppositeness twain piercing canvasss and decorateing opportunities in the traffic settle. MGT 125: LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS The road describes the multitudinous miens of confirmation law of to the comcollocation and harangue of companies – the role of portion-outholders and plainors; portion-out promotive and hypothecateings; statements and audits; and the noiseing capabilitys. The road too bestows the tyros the accidentals of decrease law, sale of chattels law, consumer shelter law, tax laws, and IPR laws. The admittance is one of enabling tyros to beneathstand the principles after these laws, and applicforce in transoperation environment. MGT 130: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT – I The road rendezvouses on introducing the tyros to a impecctelling experiment of fruit and operations harangue in manufacturing and use constructions. The tyros glean the draging, operation, and rectifyment of the fruit passage that originates the unshaken’s fruits or uses. At the end of the road, the tyro conciliate be proficient delay all miens of establishing and managing the operations of an construction’s fruit passage. The tyros too glean the multitudinous prospect passages used in transaction. Multitudinous miens of catalogue harangue - catalogue moulds and catalogue regulate are taught. Students portray an buryactive manufactured catalogue amusement on the computer to glean and beneathstand the concepts of catalogue harangue. MGT 135 : QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES – II The road usher-ins the tyros to some amplely used unversified moulds and machines for optimisation and day-to-day inclination making in transoperation constructions. The rendezvous of the road conciliate be further on the contact of these unversified moulds in genuine breath standings than on calculation of wholes; tyros conciliate be usher-ind to software (QSB) to consequence-out wholes. The marrow of the road is further on whole formulation and declareation of the proceeds (from software) for the harangue. The road clothes rectirectilinear programming, netconsequence moulds, amusement hypothesis, doubt passage moulds, pretence and inclination dissection. Students are too usher-ind to dynamic programming and stochastic arrangementes. MGT 140: SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS (1. 5 beliefs) The road betrays the tyros to the global economic genuineities and to the economic issues predominant at the global and political intentes. It sanctions the tyros to estimate the role of burypolitical institutions especially WTO in mould to evaluate the role of WTO in transaction. The road contributes the tyros an dissection to appear into issues of global and political disparities in lay-opening transaction. The road too appears into the implications and consequences of IPR regime. Students lay-open a incongruous perspective to enquire into the wholes imposing the third cosmos-race in eneral. MGT 145: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT – II The road rendezvouses on introducing the tyros to a impecctelling experiment of fruit, intentning and regulate. The tyros glean amount intentning, materials capforce intentning, and fruit scheduling. In enumeration, the tyros are usher-ind to sum condition harangue and statistical condition/arrangement regulate passages. Finally, the moment of oceantenance harangue is beneathstood. At the end of the road, the tyro conciliate be proficient delay all miens of fruit, intentning and regulate. Students portray an buryactive fruit pretence amusement on the computer. The amusement involves importation inclinations in all miens of fruit starting from prospect to oceantenance and analysing the proceeds of their inclinations. Students glean the art of inclination making in a customary fruit environment. MGT 155: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS The road conciliate rendezvous on the implications and opportunities arising from globalisation. The road identifies the congenital usages and succorlessness of India for burypolitical transoperation and irpertinent boarding. Cultural, infrastructure, and other disagreements magnitudeive betwixt multitudinous countries determine their referring-to attractiveness for burypolitical transoperation and must be considered for disagreements in strategies and mouldrial admittance. There are too incongruous transoperation moulds for conducting burypolitical transaction. The road conciliate aim to touchstone these trueityors and moulds. The road conciliate too acquaint the tyros delay the basics of burypolitical commerce hypothesis and the institutional effectconsequence for burypolitical commerce and transoperation such as Cosmos-race Bank, IMF, GATT, WHO, TRIP MGT 160: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT The extrinsic of this road is to lay-open in the multiplyicipants a intelligible force to beneathstand the strategic magnitude and arrangementes compromised in the formulation, utensilation, and appraisal of transoperation strategies. At the end of the road, tyros conciliate be mightful to irritate a transoperation standing, touchstone alternatives, formulate a scheme, usher-in his scheme, and intent the utensilation, importation a holistic perspective of the invadeprise. Starting delay a effectconsequence for strategic harangue arrangement, the road contributes the moulds and machines for dissection in lay-opening strategies. MGT 165:BUSINESS ETHICS The aim of the road is to suite the intente of incorpotrue cognizantness in tyros in the texture of mouldrial inclination-making. Ethics as an accidental ingredient in inclination-making-the road sensitises tyros to be politically chargeoperative on citizens and the road arranges the lay-openment of incorpotrue cognizantness and exhibitions of to transaction, harangue, economic, political, and environmental issues. At the end of the road, tyros conciliate invadetain attitudinal transmutes and augmentd hinderment through incorpotrue customs. MKT 105: MARKETING MANAGEMENT – I This is a requisite road in Marketing Management. The marrow is on the weighall conceptualisation of the trafficing texture, in an era of new technological and global genuineities, by beneathstanding of the basic concepts of trafficing, trafficing arrangement, the trafficing environment, traffic occasion and consumer behaviour. Students get courteous-behaved-acquainted delay the inclination – making arrangementes compromised in Marketing Harangue as an unimpaired multiply of Municipal Management. MKT 110: MARKETING MANAGEMENT – II Marketing Management-II is aimed at comcollocation up a effectconsequence for employing basic experiment and beneathstanding of the trafficing inclination variables. It conciliate sanction the tyros to use the trafficing mix in draginging trafficing programs in the competitive environment. The road gift to courteous-behaved-acquaintedize the tyros delay fruit scheme, lay-opening pricing strategies, managing hawking, and modes of plain trafficing MKT 115: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The road contributes the instrument to benefit aptitudes as a criterion-installed inclination mouldr, criterion employee, criterion use contributer or criterion columnulates evaluator. The road gift to harangue the harangue whole solving delay or-laws meditateing, draging the strategies for the criterion arrangement and then analyse and usher-in the columnulates in the own format. The road too appears at the sources and passages of columnulates gathering. Students are expected to be probe in basic statistics. HRM 105: ORGANIZATIONAL DYNAMICS This centre road in the requisite signal (3 beliefs) gift to ascertain an beneathstanding of the basic principles, concepts and theories of harangue and its contact. The key topics balmy in the road are: Preliminary to harangue, Harangue Functions – Planning, Organizing, Staffing, coordinating, and regulateling. The road too dwells on emerging issues / inquiry in harangue. An exceedingly buryactive admittance is uniteed to ascertain a unshaken gleaning of the theme. Circumstance studies / argument themes are intensively used to beneathstand the usageoperative contact / comcollocation of the key concepts. Participants are encouraged to inquiry on the issues compromised, twain from the convergence of assiduity and academia, and thrive collocations, as coming mouldrs. HRM 110: ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR I The road sanctions tyros beneathstand the multitudinous miens of intrasingle dynamics by lay-opening an beneathstanding of identical arrangementes and the contact of stated and innovative techniques to mould race emend. Students glean to beneathstand their strengths and weaknesses and then invigorate their selfsameness. The road conciliate sift-canvass concepts of gleaning, cognizance, selfsameness, estimates, notice, and motivation. HRM 115: ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR II The road contributes an beneathstanding of how race beentertain in constructions. This road deals delay bury-single dynamics, that is, the multitudinous miens of cosmical buryoperation during consequence. The road qualifys the tyros delay a basic beneathstanding of these buryactions so that they besucceed further efficient in handling personnel on the job. The road too clothes the transferership and persuasive aptitudes required in bury single behaviour. HRM 120: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT The peremptorily for emend cosmical supplies customs, in new-fangled occasions, invadetain caught the humor of harangue in assiduity the cosmos-race weigh. What is HRM and how it is incongruous from stipulated admittancees to the transoperation of managing race forms the centre of the road. The road gift at beneathstanding the very prejudgmented import of HRM twain in assiduity and academia – the incongruous ways in which it is beneathstood in incongruous textures and the converge delay Japanese fruit passages, as perceived to the canvass of augmentationd race. The road too sift-canvasses the conceptual lordships of HRM, multiplyicipation in commerce unions and their implications in the new-fangled HRM customs. MGT 170: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Corporate Political Calling and Municipal Governance, which are burylinked, invadetain been ascertaining excellent moment in twain industrial and B-School circles due to the increasing pitfall of scams, frauds and acts of proboperative turpitudes of municipal harangues all weigh the cosmos-people. This road gift at 1. Making tyros cognizant of the municipal calling towards companionship and putting them judicious on the perspectives, wholes, issues and allude-toed contraryparts, enabling them to estimate the trueity that municipal invadetain a political calling towards all its stakeholders in their own hanker signal buryest. . Equipping tyros delay the inevitpowerful experiment to sanction them beneathstand and estimate the nuances of municipal governance inasmuch as they are expected to carelessness the buryests of all stakeholders as coming entrepreneurs and mouldrs and harangue their concerns widely flush occasion they mould a good-tempered-fortune of their invadeprises. MGT 175: LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT The requisite multiply of the road clothes the basic concepts conducive for harangue inclination making in multitudinous logistic exercises such as customer use, transportance, warehousing, and catalogue harangue. Students besucceed courteous-behaved-acquainted delay mould arrangementing, MIS, accomplishment metes, global logistics, DSS, adjustification channels and intentning in logistics harangue. The coact multiply of the road contributes the popular concepts, moulds and contrarydeal-out passages in the draging, regulate, operation and harangue of minister wildening passages. Marrow is on circumstance investigate analyses and hands-on-experiment delay pretence amusements to beneathstand the contacts of the concepts gleant. MGT 180: FORECASTING (half belief) The half belief road usher-ins the moulds for explaining and predicting the behaviour of transoperation and economic occasion rotation. Topics comprise exponential smoothing, retrogradation techniques, pure occasion rotation dissection, Box-Jenkins dissection, ARIMA and vital passages. Applications to genuine transoperation columnulates are proficient using computers. MGT 185: TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT The road rendezvouses on beneathstanding the arrangement that converges device, technology harangue and competitiveness at the unshaken intente. The road too appears into the effectconsequence for deployment of the delayhold technology for new fruits, estimate wildenings and in trafficing. Technological dissection for strategic harangue using circumstance studies conciliate be the centre passage of investigate. MGT 190: TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT This is a full-fledged road on Sum Condition Management. Starting from the basic concepts of TQM, the road conciliate cweigh miens of condition configuration, passages of uniform rectifyment and utensilation of TQM. Ascertain aptitudes scarcityed to employ statistical meditateing to condition rectifyment using trueitys, columnulates, and dissection using SPC, and QFD. New-fangled up to inclination concepts affect TPM, six sigma, benchmarking conciliate too be balmy. MGT 195: PRINCIPLES OF SIX SIGMA PRACTICE (half belief) This half belief road conciliate usher-in the statistical concept of six sigma and then appear into the device excerption, whole solving, machines and techniques and draging for six sigma utensilation. MGT 200: INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS The road courteous-behaved-acquaintedizes tyros delay the principles and customs of burypolitical economics delay a criterion to enabling them beneathstand the whys and wherefores of Interpolitical Business. Starting delay presumptive premise of burypolitical commerce, tyros glean the stipulations of burypolitical commerce, weigh of commerce and payments, inclination of diversify rates, the construction and trends of irpertinent commerce in India. Students are too taught the extrinsics of the IMF, Cosmos-race Bank, WTO and regional commerce agreements on India’s commerce and lay-openment. MGT 205: ECONOMIC OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (half belief) The road succors to beneathstand the role and import of Cosmical Resources Fruit in our Classification delay Extraordinary revere to Education and Cosmical Might Planning. It conciliate cast unconsidered on the multitudinous issues conjoined delay Cosmical Resources and Economic Development. Starting delay the Shultz’s dissection of Cosmical Promotive and indicators and strategies of HRD, the road appears into the collision on the adjustification, man might intentning, adjust lay-openment programs, brain parch and the cosmical lay-openment apostacy –all delay revere to the Indian sub-continent. MGT 210: ENTREPRENEURSHIP The aim of this road is to incense the tyros in the province of entrepreneurship. They would be bestown an occasion to perpend how entrepreneurs are born, what motivates them to besucceed entrepreneurs and the arrangement through which they originate their invadeprises and run them good-tempered-fortunefully. The tyros conciliate too be courteous-behaved-acquainted delay the new and expanding horizons of entrepreneurship. Most entrepreneurs invadetain to lay-open their own source transoperation passage. The road accords moment to creating this cognizantness dispopular immanent entrepreneurs and qualify them delay aptitudes to mould a source transaction. MGT 215: FOREIGN LANGUAGE (FRENCH, GERMAN, MANDARIN OR SPANISH) The road gift to lay-open the subjoined phraseology aptitudes at a basic intente. 1. Oral conception 2 Written conception 3. Oral and written indication FIN 125: FINANCIAL MARKETS The road contributes a through and all criterion of how the financial passage of promotive and promotive traffics, which now wholly circles the cosmos-people, arranges the passage of savings into boarding in mould to regulate the payments so that transoperation can outlast and ensue. The road contributes an accidental perspective on the role and exercises of promotive and promotive traffic in ministering belief to transaction, permitting fund of plenty for coming financial scarcitys, and providing liquidity when scarcityed. The road bestows you the analytical machines to use and how financial inclinations can be made. It bestows a expansive criterion of the elder financial institutions and instruments and the role of SEBI and RBI. FIN 130: SECURITY ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT The road succors the tyros to touchstone and analyse multitudinous boarding alternatives and beneathstanding the harmony betwixt dispose and repay through constructive macroeconomic, industrial, confirmation and technical dissection. Students glean to estimate the financial good-tempereds and estimate the exerciseing of the promotive traffics. The roads too appear into the passage of evaluating multitudinous boarding options and then mete the accomplishment of the portfolio. FIN 135:CAPITAL EXPENDITURE: PLANNING AND CONTROL At the end of the road, the tyros conciliate be mightful to estimate the import of Device Finance, touchstone and beget new devices, qualify a constructive device noise. The tyro lay-opens the aptitude to analyse a device by traffic dissection, technical dissection, and financial estimates/projections and then fine a device by employing multitudinous passages for evaluation installed on boarding criteria, dispose dissection, and generality passage dissection. FIN 140:COMMERCIAL BANKING MANAGEMENT The road violentlights the weighty areas in the Commercial Banking Harangue at Macro intente so that banks can endure to effect courteous-behaved-behaved in the usher-in competitive, global environment, concomitantly complying delay accidental capabilitys of the Reserve Bank of India. The tyros can estimate the inclinations thriven at municipal intente for oceantaining excellentity. Students investigate the passage for imcolumn of harangue and accomplishment of banks; asset liforce harangue; BASLE recommendations on promotive similarity ratio; non effecting good-tempereds and its rehabilitation; and lastly belief dispose imcolumn – oceantaining condition and thrive on advances. FIN 145:RETAIL BANKING MANAGEMENT The road violentlights the role and collision of Hawk Banking Harangue on the usher-in exerciseing of Commercial Bank which has witnessed sundry canvasss due to globalisation and financial sector reforms twain at macro and micro intentes. Attendant to disbury pacification, municipal invadetain indulgent similarity for cheaper funds requisite to decrease in the spreads on the banks. So banks are fixed to pay excellent revere to the hawk banking for increasing belief off-thrive and comely the benefit-serviceability. The tyros can invadetain an weighcriterion of the opportunity, affection, fashions and stroll of hawk banking uses offered by the banks in the elucidation of customer expectations and fairly-deduced effectwork. FIN 150:INDIRECT TAXATION The road contributes a consequenceing experiment on the effect consequence of Inplain Taxation passage in India. At the end of the road, tyros can mould Inplain Taxation issues in an construction, mould inclinations of to Inplain Taxation issues, push out efficient proactive intentning in Inplain Taxation issues and evaluate issues in Inplain Taxation delay an extrinsic to desert enjoyly pitfall and attendant litigation. The road clothes Central Excise, Customs, Irpertinent Commerce Policy, Use Tax, and Central Sales Tax including VAT. FIN 155: PERSONAL TAXATION The Insucceed Tax laws of a dominion exhibit the socio-economic scenario and plainion in which its synod would affect to transfer its adjustification. The Insucceed Tax laws are pleasantly theme to faithful transmute. The extrinsic of this is to courteous-behaved-acquaintedize the tyro delay the Indian Insucceed Tax Act 1961. The road has the subjoined three prejudgmented extrinsics: 1. Clarify the basic concepts and procedures of the Insucceed Tax Act 1961. 2. Applicforce of these concepts and procedures for computing an identical assessee's tax burden. 3. Construction the administration of the Act FIN 160:MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS Mergers and pays are dispopular the most dynamic, complicated, and strategic activities unshakens beneathtake. M has been a elder multiply of global transoperation for a hanker occasion. India is now on the outset of a big vault into the global M buryval. The select for this vault succeeds in multiply from the speed that has been made and is proposed to be made in the texture of convertibility of the Indian rupee in the promotive statement. M can be criterioned from two perspectives: strategic and financial/valuation. The road gift at a intelligible beneathstanding of twain the perspectives and contact of the selfselfselfsame jointly in transoperation circumstances. Students conciliate consequence delayin a municipal effectconsequence on how to assess M, how to use a ample set of usageoperative ideas to converge M to scheme, mould due assiduity, meditate environing M profits and mix an pay. FIN 165: INTERNATIONAL FINANCE Delay the growing integration of the cosmos-race adjustification, unshakens increasingly act looseward political boundaries and are betrayd to disposes arising from generality, dominion and other kindred trueityors. There is a growing scarcity to beneathstand these disposes, as courteous-behaved-behaved as the fruits that invadetain issued to mould them. The road is meant to contribute such beneathstanding. The road qualifys the tyros delay inevitpowerful experiment and aptitudes to mould finances in a multi-political environment. The tyros should issue courteous-behaved-behaved proficient in all concepts and traffic customs of to irpertinent diversify harangue and harangue of finances in a multipolitical confirmation. The road moulds the tyros cognizant of reasons for doubtful diversify rates and the opportunities and disposes associated delay rallying funds abroad. They should be qualifyped delay inevitpowerful aptitudes to march into the municipal environment and be mightful to act inconsequently. FIN 170:WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT The road gift to lay-open aptitudes required for delicate criterion and harangue of the incongruous components of consequenceing promotive capabilitys of a unshaken so that optimum benefit-serviceforce is hinderd ensuring the consequence-outncy and viforce of the unshaken. It bestows inevitpowerful pitfall to the tyros to all the trueityors in the oceantenance of own good-tempereds by hinder search of the apt notification. At the end of the road, tyros get an weighcriterion of the sum financial capabilitys of the municipal (twain concise signal & hanker signal) from the points of criterion of the claimant and the hypothecate FIN 175:INSURANCE MANAGEMENT Students Glean the concepts of carelessness, beneathstand what dispose harangue is and ascertain an apprehending of carelessness as a dispose harangue machine in assiduity. The road coves the fairly-deduced and regulatory effectconsequence of carelessness in India. At the end of the road, tyros, benefit the basic technical experiment of carelessness. Students get to do a device on either a breath or open carelessness fruit that is conducive in the Indian traffic clotheing the noteworthy features, similarity delay other fruits and the reasons for choosing that fruit. FIN 180:STRATEGIC COST MANAGEMENT The road contributes a proactive absorb harangue perspective to the proceeds of harangue inclinations. The road combines estimate wildening, principle installed absorbing, estimate adventitious dissection, principle installed harangue and economic estimate adventitious concepts to strategic absorb harangue inclinations. Students glean how to evaluate and mould a unshaken’s accomplishment. FIN 185:DERIVATIVES At the end of the road, tyros are courteous-behaved-acquainted delay derivatives, the mechanics of options traffic, moulds for behaviour of fund worths, estimating volatilities, and dispose harangue machines in the traffic (twain promotive and forex traffics) delay usageoperative exercises, circumstances and amusements. The road is aimed at preparing tyros for historys in boarding banking, dispose harangue, municipal finance, ware and fruit trafficing, belief and dispose harangue and asset harangue. FIN 190:CORPORATE FINANCE The cosmos-race of municipal finance is changing very expeditiously. The number and affection of divers fruits offered by multitudinous agencies are wild increasing. The municipal are mightful to get financial fruits of their select to aid their capabilitys twain for concise-signal and hanker-term, delayout substance dictated to thrive conducive fruits. The extrinsic of the road is to bestow wide pitfall on municipal finance to the tyros extraordinaryizing in financial harangue so that they can beneathstand and estimate the perspectives of twain the municipal and the beliefors in their last inclinations. The road appears into the multitudinous finance options – employ acquisition, leasing. Students ascertain experiment of financial restructuring through mergers, pays, and disinvestments. The road too appears at the modes of irpertinent generality hypothecateings allowed. FIN 195: CORPORATE TAXATION AND PLANNING The basic extrinsic of the road is to bestow experiment of the basic principles beneathlying the authentic stipulations of Plain Laws of to Municipal Taxation. The coact half of the road succors to benefit the force to employ the experiment of the stipulations of the Plain Tax laws of to municipal taxation to multitudinous standings in explicit custom and intentning thereto. Starting delay the passage of statementing and the chargeforce of transoperation pay, the road appears at the multitudinous concessions conducive to municipal, impost, and the filing of repays. Tax intentning through transoperation reconstruction is too dealt delay. FIN 200: INVESTMENT BANKING The road sanctions the tyros to beneathstand primary concepts in boarding banking clotheing promotive traffic kindred transactions, hortatory uses, and constructiond financial uses. Students glean the basic concepts of skernel and equity traffics (twain political and weighseas) – its issuance, strategies and transoperation restructuring. FIN 205: FINANCIAL REPORTING AND ANALYSIS (half belief) At the end of this road, multiplyicipants conciliate be mightful to beneathstand the financial noiseing effectconsequence in India. Students conciliate be mightful to perceive-again, mete, and noise as per capabilitys of GAPP. The road too appears into the disagreements betwixt GAAP, IFRS, and US GAAP. Students glean how to analyse published financial statements of Indian companies for consent delay GAAP. FIN 215: FINANCIAL TECHNICAL ANALYSIS AND GLOBAL MARKETS The ocean extrinsic of this road would be to arstroll the beneathstanding of graduate tyros of Finance of the divers Financial Technical Frameworks and Tools applicpowerful to the Indian and Global Financial Markets, delay a excellent force on Global Inter-Market Analysis. The road is mouldled to contribute would-be mouldrs delay the own weigh of Financial Technical Dissection Hypothesis and it’s applicforce to the Indian and Global Financial Markets using genuine-breath charts. In the road, the multiplyicipants conciliate glean buryrupted piloting and analytical aptitudes and charting techniques to emend analyse multitudinous financial traffics such as equities, bonds, issue and currencies. A extraordinary marrow would be settled on Indian Equities Markets through Real-occasion Charting Techniques. Due to globalisation of the financial traffics and hinder bury-linkages betwixt them, the Inter-Market Dissection through Financial Technical Dissection assumes excellent import. The motivation for including Global Inter-Market Dissection is to publish the would-be mouldrs environing the beneathlying harmonys and bury-linkages betwixt key Financial Markets and Financial Variables such as buryest rates, diversify rates, equities and ware worths. In the watch of increasing Globalisation of Financial Markets cosmos-peoplewide, the road would undoubtedly give the tyros cappowerful of making emend and further perceiven inclinations in the genuinem of Boarding Analysis. By the end of the road the multiplyicipants should be emend mightful to: • Apprehend the philosophy and sobere of the Financial Technical Dissection admittance to Asset Allocation inclination-making in Portfolio Harangue • Apprehend the beneathpinnings of weighty theories and effectworks in Financial Technical Dissection • Identify, declare and analyse the multiform financial technical moulds and indicators usher-ined on the genuine-breath fund charts. Apprehend the weighty bury-linkages betwixt global financial traffics including equities, bonds, issue, currencies and their beneathlying comings traffics MKT 120: BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MARKETING This transoperation trafficing road contributes an imaginary platform to expand a tyro’s experiment of the race genuineities of the global trafficplace, customer harmony harangue, wayward exerciseal inclination making arrangement, minister wildening harangue, e-commerce, and kindred areas. The road contributes a impecctelling demeanor for examining the extraordinary features of violent technology traffics and for isolating the uncontemptible canvasss that visage the trafficing strategist in this arena by examining the fashions of customers, affection of procurement exercise, and forces that force buying inclinations in constructions. The aftercited multiply of the road rendezvouses on the techniques that can be applied in assessing traffic opportunities: traffic segmentation and ask-for dissection thriveed by the draging, intentning and evaluation of the arrangementes for transoperation trafficing strategies. The road is sumly circumstance installed. MKT 125: CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR The road gift to found a conceptual effectconsequence that twain augment beneathstanding and usageoperative contacts of consumer behaviour to trafficing scheme. The investigate of consumer behaviour is an burydisciplinary construction that investigates the waste inclinations. The road touchstones the passageology of consumer criterion and the arrangement of traffic segmentation. The rendezvous is on beneathstanding the metaphysical characteristics of the consumer, the collision of identical selfsameness characteristics, consumer cognizance, attitudes and notice arrangement on consumer behaviour. Students get an in profundity beneathstanding of consumer inclination making showing metaphysical and socio-cultural variables rule consumers’ inclination making arrangement. MKT 130: INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS* Companies are beneath remote consluxuriance to hand commercial targets in the aspect of violent race, challenging economics stipulations, and increasing ask-fors for excellent intentes of customer recompense. In the departed, companies crazy their conference through unwritten media advertising, general kinsfolk, and sale preferment – abundant flush delayout convergeing the strands into one contemptible admittance. As transoperation customs alter loose from stipulated passages, this road studies the machines to transport a unified consumer notice using the concomitant deployment of all municipal notices and trafficing machines. It is now peremptorily to mix and coordinate the abundant notice channels to hand a intelligible, congruous and compelling notice environing an construction and its fruits through all forms of notice: advertising, sales preferment, plain, columnulatesbase and e-commerce trafficing and general kinsfolk. * Must invadetain completed Fruit Harangue elective MKT 135: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING (wayward rolled) Students benefit trafficing aptitudes for global trading by acquiring a impecctelling experiment of burypolitical trafficing environment, trading customs, political estimates magnitudeive, adjustification harangue and prefermental passages in lay-opening trafficing strategies delayhold for a prejudgmented fruit in a prejudgmented traffic. The road too appears at the fairly-deduced magnitude of burypolitical trafficing. MKT 140: PRODUCT MANAGEMENT This road sanctions the tyros to perceive how to defacement new fruit/use ideas and fetch them into the traffic good-tempered-fortunefully. The road is draginged to suite would-be-managers in beneathstanding the traffic construction, managing new fruit concepts, and estimating ask-fors/immanent for new fruits, draginging fruits, touchstone trafficing, and strategically launching them, maintenance a customer-centric criterion. In concise, this road conciliate contrarydeal-out the inquiry “What should the fruit be? ” The road too betrays the tyros to collocationing and incongruousiation concepts. MKT 145: BRAND MANAGEMENT Race is on the augmentation, and is further so column liberalization of the Indian adjustification. In such excruciating race the role of brands in obtaining competitive usage has ascertained encouragement. The extrinsic of this road is to beneathstand what brands are and how they are used to ascertain competitive usage. The subjoined is a multiplyial roll of road extrinsics: 1. Obtain pitfall to fineive miens of the Brand Harangue erudition 2. Counterdeal-out inquirys affect how to originate and guard valupowerful brands 3. Apprehend issues in lay-opening brands 4. Apprehend role of brands in the trafficing scheme and competitive usage Must invadetain completed Fruit Harangue MKT 150: RETAILING The road gift to mould tyros a good-tempered-tempered hawk intentner and inclination mouldr delay intelligible concepts of hawk strategies to be mightful to is-sue to the changing opportunities and environment in the new millennium. The road rendezvouses on a strategic admittance and the analytical machines used in hawking. Students glean how to mould a hawk transaction, lay-open and utensil intents; oceantain the hawk fiction and prefermental strategies to be uniteed. MKT 155: RURAL MARKETING (half belief) The road contributes an weighcriterion of Pastoral Marketing and the issues compromised in stipulations of disagreement of the traffics, adjustification and notice canvasss aspectd. Students beneathstand the arrangementes compromised in lay-opening efficient notice bundles aimed at pastoral traffics and the handy arrangement in stipulations of twain magnitude media and adown the passage activities. Finally tyros eliminate a Pastoral Marketing scheme delay the succor of Pastoral Criterion and the role of preferments in Pastoral Marketing efforts through province investigate. MKT 160: MARKETING IN THE NEW ERA The issuence of Internet and E-commerce has been paving the way for the myth of a new construct in trafficing i. e. Onpassage Marketing (Cyber-Marketing). The Internet contributes mammoth opportunities to today mouldrs to scout, benefit and use their target bunch online. Slowly, consumers arise to confirm this odd trafficing, yet, a hobble is faithfully usher-in to the transoperation cosmos-race on touchstoneing lawful fruits/services to be sold online. Figuring out onpassage consumer buying behaviour poses a grand canvass to trafficing mouldrs looseward the cosmos-people. To harangue these issues, the road clothes the peripheral areas and in-profundity miens of Onpassage Marketing in texture delay companies and consumers. The abundant criterion conducted on the psyche of Internet consumer behaviour and buying mould which conciliate be portion-outd delay the multiplyicipants. MKT 165: SALES AND DISTRIBUTION MARKETING This is a must road for the millennium mouldr, Sales and adjustification are the two engines which fuel the augmentation of any construction. A sale fixs fairly-deduced passage of generality and adjustification fixs the strain. The road clothes and casts unconsidered on conceptual elucidation and contact miens of managing trafficing personnel, identification, recruiting, excerption, and suiteing, enhancement goals, and motivating them to hinder goals. Further marrow conciliate be bestown on passageatic sales intentning, province excerption, and managing for emend sales. MKT 170: SERVICES MARKETING The road rendezvouses on multitudinous miens of managing use constructions, including trafficing, when the unshakens must be competitively collocationed and customer rendezvoused. Starting delay an beneathstanding of use fruits, consumers, and traffics for the selfsame, the road appears into draginging the use trafficing passage through pricing and income harangue, balancing ask-for and tonnage, and managing race and harmonys. Students too glean how to rectify use condition and organizing use transferership. MKT 175: STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT The road gift to mould the tyros beneathstand the driving forces after a traffic forcen scheme and the existence of how competitive usage can be obtained by providing excellent customer estimate. Beginning delay a constructive palpconducive and burynal dissection, the road describes the multitudinous strategies that can be utensiled. MKT 180: PRICING (half belief) The road courteous-behaved-acquaintedizes the tyros delay the contemptible pricing strategies, trueityors influencing pricing inclinations, and the passages is-sueed to effect worth transmutes. Starting delay the basic economic admittance of enhancement worths and the extrinsics of pricing, the road rendezvouses on the three basic orientations in the custom of pricing. The road contiguous appears at the characteristics of pricing and the multitudinous causes that start worth transmutes. Finally, the road appears at the fashions and proceeds of sales preferments and non-rectilinear pricing. MKT 185: CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (half belief) Starting delay the import and opportunity of harmony trafficing, the road describes CRM as an efficient harangue machine, to intent CRM devices by preparing strategic draging of the device to suite, establish and start the CRM arrangement. Next, it appears at the machines, effectworks, and technology for CRM utensilation. Finally, the road contributes examples of CRM from an Indian perspective. MKT 190: ADVANCED MARKETING RESEARCH Effective trafficing criterion is inevitpowerful for good-tempered-fortuneful harangue of all scyllas of the trafficing arrangement. This road considers advanced piloting passages for trafficing criterion, including, but not scant to, passages for perceptual mapping, traffic segmentation, conjoint dissection, and moulds of consumer select. The road too has a extraordinary module on Vital Dissection and contact in genuine cosmos-race standings in Marketing and Advertising. Students conciliate glean how to employ these passageologies and intelligiblely usher-in their proceeds. Considerpowerful marrow is bestown to hands-on tyro dissection of trafficing criterion columnulates, delay formal tyro grants and in-adjust argument of proceeds. MKT 195: MARKETING OF FINANCIAL SERVICES (half belief) Marketing of Financial Services today calls for extraordinaryized beneathstanding of financial fruits/instruments and traffics for them. The road rendezvouses on lay-opening aptitudes of delayhold affection to sensitise the multiplyicipants in this revere. The road conciliate rendezvous on three areas of financial uses: banking, alternate funds, and carelessness. At the end of the road, the tyro conciliate be mightful to traffic a financial use efficiently. MKT 200: SALES NEGOTIATION (half belief) This road chiefly contributes instincts and suites harangue graduates on intricacies of profit. The usher-in competitive scenario ask-fors the mouldrs to conquer the art and construction of profit. Profit is a custom which today’s mouldr ought to ascertain expertise in mould to collocation him in a fiwant history and to fetch emend transoperation to the consequenceing construction. This road rendezvouses on bestowing passageatic admittance to a buryrupted profit for doing emend transoperation delay enhancing harmony. The road conciliate succor you to ascertain competitive edge by letting you perceive your profit fashion and succor you to probe your opponent’s fashion, and act pleasantly. MKT 205: STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT This road is plained towards preparing tyros to invade the complicated inclination making environment of strategic trafficing. The road fetchs conjointly the machines and arrangementes gleant in other trafficing roads and form them into a unified and passageatic admittance to whole solving and inclination making. The road contributes a constructiond admittance to deferred analyses in generating strategic trafficing options to guard competitive usage. Students glean the utensilation dynamics in strategic trafficing. MKT 210: MARKETING ENGINEERING The efficient custom of trafficing in today’s environment requires the force to put conjointly columnulates, moulds, analyses, and computer pretences to draging trafficing intents, and inclinations. This road mixs concepts, analytical trafficing techniques, and software to suite tyros to besucceed trafficing engineers mightful to use computer installed inclination moulds to benefit in trafficing inclination making. HRM 125:TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS AND CONFLICT MANAGEMENT The road contributes a presumptive effectconsequence to beneathstand cosmical behaviour and in feature notice by exploring one’s own feelings and behaviour using TA mould. Students glean the contact of TA mould in single and authoritative breath. The departure half of the road deals delay beneathstanding combats in single, political and authoritative feeds and perpends ways of managing combat through efficient notices. HRM 130: EXECUTIVE COMPETENCIES The alter from tyro breath to constructional breath is not an indulgent character. This road sanctions the tyros to beneathstand the genuineities predominant in constructional breath. Further, it sanctions the tyros to unite delayhold transferership fashions and qualifys them to lay-open efficient behavioural modes to buryact delay their peers, subordinates, and boss. Comcollocation efficient teams and gleaning to be a contributing team constituent are too multiply of this road. HRM 135: STRESS MANAGEMENT Students glean Pressure Auditing and Pressure Profiling and the aptitudes required to compete delay pressure. Students formulate an operation Intent for Breath Harangue by investigateing the characteristics of aptitudeed succorers in assiduity and transoperation through a feed device. The road appears into the multitudinous modes to establishing harmony. Students lay-open aptitudes in rollening, responding to pressure and generating an operation intent through feedback and whole solving. HRM 140: ORGANISATIONAL THEORY, STRUCTURE AND DESIGN The road perpends the construction and draging of constructions, and the buryoperation of the construction delay the environment. This road attempts to found the constituency for the doocean of constructions, lay-open an beneathstanding of construction hypothesis, and elements of constructional draging. It conciliate then go on to perpend the dynamics of the palpconducive environment and the arrangement by which constructions constantly is-sue to changing occasions. HRM 145: CROSS CULTURAL MANAGEMENT (half belief) The road pursues sundry extrinsics: Invite the tyros to coalesce Amelioration delay their previously-acquired experiment in History and Geography, and their beneathstanding – or experiment – of incongruous environments. Usher-in concepts and theories taught in schools beneath the spectry of “Intercultural” or “Cross-Cultural” Harangue (a wild-growing paragraph of “Organizational Behaviour” roads… which portrays an increasing role in Transoperation and Management) and sift-canvass them in the texture and canvass of globalisation. Lead tyros through the intricacies of cultural disagreement, through abundant usageoperative concise and hanker circumstances studies. Succor them experiment or allude-to the most delayhold admittance to rare standings associated delay maintenance, consequenceing and doing transoperation burypolitically. Emphasize the moment of importation cultural issues into expressive suspect when draginging new strategies on the burypolitical exhibition. Distinguish betwixt fictions, stereotypes, moulds and genuineities. As a effect, multiplyicipants conciliate too invadetain to inquiry and glean further environing their own cultural moulds and behaviours. They conciliate ascertain augmentationd single teachableness and circumstance in their burypolitical activities. HRM 150: TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT The road gift to qualify the tyros delay the basic aptitudes to besucceed an efficient suiteing mouldr and or an efficient suiteer by beneathstanding the multitudinous exercises in the suiteing division, lay-opening suiteing strategies for municipal and creating programs in measurpowerful stipulations to resist the required accomplishment standards of employees. The road clothes miens of a scarcity dissection for suiteing, draging, passageology and new trends in suiteing. Students draging and usher-in a feed suiteing module as multiply of the road. HRM 155: STRATEGIC HRM (half belief) The road gift to courteous-behaved-acquaintedize the tyros delay the transmuted role and multiform activities compromised in the popular strategic priorities of the HRM exercise in constructions. Starting delay stipulated and popular magnitude of the role of the HR mouldr, the road appears at integrating scheme and HR absorb efficiently by HR intentning and prospect, HR initiatives, enhancing manmight fruitivity, promoting HR customs, and uniform rectifyment through benchmarking. HRM 160: ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT The province of construction lay-openment offers a enjoin and regulatelines for comely the “goodness of fit” betwixt identicals and constructions and betwixt constructions and environments. This road gift to contribute the multiplyicipants an preliminary to the beneathstanding of construction lay-openment as a scheme using behavioural construction principles and customs to rectify identical and constructional efficientness. Students conciliate touchstone the ingredients of that enjoin through a rendezvous on construction amelioration, arrangementes, regulatelines for lay-opening and utensiling operation programs, conceptualising construction and its environment in passage hypothesis stipulations, and creating transmute arrangementes that sanction identicals by involvement, multiplyicipation, and commitment. HRM 165: REWARD AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT The road acquaints the tyros delay the basic concepts, passages, and customs of decorate and accomplishment harangue in constructions. The road bestows an beneathstanding of the moment of meshing the evaluation and pay passages delay one another and delay the confirmation’s transoperation goals to enucleate ultimatum accomplishment. It contributes a hardened treatment of issues of to accomplishment harangue and sift-canvasses new magnitude of measuring accomplishment. Finally, tyros get to irritate the changing affection of decorates so that the arrangement of convergeing pay packets to accomplishment explicitly pays off. HRM 225: INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS The road succors the tyro to beneathstand the characteristics of labour, employer, and the construction of commerce unions. It succors the tyros to lay-open the aptitudes to aggravate robust industrial kinsfolk and to sanction them touch industrial combats good-tempered-fortunefully. The road succors the tyros to lay-open the art of using industrial kinsfolk for coping delay transmutes and to get proficient delay profit, conciliation, and pacification HRM 170: LABOUR LAWS The road gift to mould the tyros proficient delay laws of to industrial establishments, political carelessness and payment to employees; to mould the tyros cappowerful of identically discharging the statutory obligations by drafting petitions, contacts, contrary statements, settlements etc. ; to mould the tyros proficient delay the procedures to be thriveed in importation out permit, operation thereof and employing for permissions for layoff, curtailment, etc. ; and to qualify the tyros delay tonnage to perform the exercises of a Welfare Officer, Conciliation Officer, & Enforcement Officer. HRM 175: INTERNATIONAL DIMENSIONS OF HRD The force of globalisation has buryacted profoundly delay constructions and the race who transfer them and consequence in them. The aim of this road is to ascertain an beneathstanding of the proceeds of globalisation which are collisioning cosmical supplies harangue customs looseward the cosmos-people, featurely in multipolitical companies. This is attained by obtaining instinct into the intricacies of managing race in an burypolitical texture, the selects that visage constructions, and the trueityors that scarcity to be considered for making those selects. HRM 180: PSYCHOMETRY The road sanctions tyros to glean incongruous fashions of metaphysical touchstone, fashion of configuration and characteristics pertaining to all miens of cosmical behaviour. Students glean the principles, contacts and issues of metaphysical touchstones used in assiduity. It succors them to beneathstand the coming of metaphysical touchstoneing and the issues that comprise touchstone apprehension, touchstone prejudgment and bury scylla betwixt touchstoneing and law. The road conciliate sanction the tyros to lay-open touchstones kindred to Aptitude and buryest in incongruous areas and fix reliforce and hardness of the touchstones. HRM 185: COMPETENCY MAPPING (half belief) The road acquaints the tyros delay the concept of powers, its magnitude and moment for comely accomplishment in constructional texture, courteous-behaved-acquaintedizes them delay the concept of power mapping, arrangement of pushing out power mapping and techniques compromised and to beneathstand the grandr miens of power mould and power harangue arrangement. Delay an weighcriterion of power, the road appears into the categories, intentes and fashions of power, roles and lay-openment of power and customs for efficient power mapping. The road is installed on municipal examples and experiments in power mapping and the gleaning from its utensilation. HRM 190: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (half belief) The road gift to courteous-behaved-acquaintedize the tyros delay the concept of experiment harangue and its custom in usher-in day constructions. The tyros are oriented towards efficient utensilation of KM by pitfall to good-tempered-fortuneful experiments in multitudinous constructions. Starting delay the dynamics of constructional gleaning, the road appears into the centre activities and the conceptual effectconsequence of KM utensilation. HRM 195: COUNSELLING SKILLS To bestow the basic experiment and aptitudes of counselling to be efficient as a cosmical substance and as a authoritative n any province. Therefore, it is twain experiment and aptitudes oriented. At the end of the road, tyros would not barely be authoritative counsellors but are too courteous-behaved-acquainted delay basic counselling micro aptitudes ahanker delay emend beneathstanding of themselves to be efficient communicators and transferers. The tyros conciliate too perpend some of the weighty theories of selfsameness and other kindred topics to succoring others. HRM 200: CAREER PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT History harangue is the arrangement through which identicals and constructions jointly intent, regulate, plain, ad rule race’s historys to resist identical’s and the construction’s goals. The road usher-ins the tyros to the concepts and theories beneathlying history harangue. The road touchstones history issues in synchronous constructions. It conciliate succor tyros lay-open delicate competencies scarcityed to good-tempered-fortunefully mould their historys and oceantain consequence breath integration n today’s complicated harsh consequenceplace. The adjust is installed on a hardened self-imcolumn arrangement which incorporates a expansive stroll of experiential exercises that contribute tyros delay a violent stage of self-awareness. It too succors tyros to forecast some of the hobbles and selects which they conciliate aspect in their history. HRM 210:INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATIONS (half belief) The requisite aim of this road is to succor tyros lay-open their force to perform in a aimful, just, efficient way. The coact is to succor them employ their profit aptitudes to perform delay race from incongruous nations and ameliorations. The third is to succor them glean how to mould complicatedities in profits further exclusively buying and selling activities. The road is sumly circumstance installed and buryactive through amusements and negotiating exercises in mould to valiinclination the techniques gleant. HRM 215: HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (half belief) HRM 220: BALANCED SCORE CARD (half belief) The road clarifies in translating the anticipation into scheme by efficiently comely on the notice netconsequence delayin the construction by intentning, target enhancement, feedback and gleaning. Starting delay a intelligible beneathstanding of the transoperation scheme, tyros glean the foul-mouthed quadrants of a weighd scentre card, the converge betwixt them, the metrics and metes used for these quadrants anteriorly lastly gleaning to drag a scentre card and how it can be used as a strategic machine. SYS 115: DATA MINING AND NEURAL NETWORKS The road bestows an weighcriterion of columnulates mining techniques and contacts by beneathstanding the analytical mouldling machines used in multitudinous exerciseal areas of transaction. Students consequence hands-on delay columnulates mining software. Postulates warehousing concepts and passages are too gleant. Students besucceed courteous-behaved-acquainted delay simulated neural networks hypothesis and its contact in transaction. SYS 120: RDBMS The road moulds the tyros see how the columnulatesbase admittance to notification comcollocation is simpler, emend and further desirpowerful than the unwritten way. The road clarifies and reinforces columnulatesbase harangue primarys at a conceptual intente in mould arstroll contact of hypothesis to genuine breath standing. The road too describes how DBMS can be conducive in multitudinous harangue exercises through pitfall to columnulatesbase harangue software and technology. SYS 125: INFORMATION SECURITY AND RISK MANAGEMENT This road gift at beneathstanding of IS audit and carelessness by gleaning IS passage arrangement, passage lay-openment breath cycle and regulates used for conf