5 Discussion topic need peer reviewed 300 words minimum in APA format…. Need each question in different document

   Each interrogation deficiency incongruous muniment and delight create trusting you entertain mentioned interrogation in page 1 so that i can authenticate. 1. Using a Microsoft Word muniment, delight illustrate your primeval experiment after a while a computer and after a while use of the internet. Minimum 300 repress. 2. Delight pretend you entertain the independent capacity to repress the internet and its resigned. 3. Delight discover and embody the name, “The Law of the Horse,” which can be institute at the aftercited link: https://cyber.harvard.edu/works/lessig/finalhls.pdf 4. Each week delight maintenance an first rejoinder to my discourse interrogation by 11 p.m. Wednesday late Eastern Time (ET). Include at smallest 250 repress in your rejoinder. Indicate at smallest one origin or regard in your first maintenance. You can use your textbook or exoteric elaboration names. Delight see the rubric for notification on how I allure assess your discourse maintenance.  Also, maintenance a rejoinder to one of your classmates between Thursday and Saturday late by 11 p.m. ET. Include at smallest 125 repress. Add to the discourse. Do not reasonable say, good-natured-natured job, way to go, etc. Your discourse interrogation responses should image an agreement of the aspect and the discovering materials. Delight see the rubric for notification on how I allure assess the rejoinder to your classmate. QUESTION: How would one know between an constructional frailty and a menace to the construction?    5. ASSIGNMENT: From Chapter 2, page 59; confutation Jobs vs. Cook circumstance. Steve Jobs was a pungent-muscular, charismatic chief who co-founded Apple and is credited after a while fur of the achievement of the union. Some judge that Tim Cook, who became CEO in 2011, embraces a over collaborative chiefship name. Do elaboration to collate and dissimilarity the chiefship names of the two CEOs. (You may eagerness to purpose the 2013 movie JOBS, which portrays the fable of Steve Jobs’ ascension from propaganda dropout to Apple CEO.) Which CEO—Jobs or Cook—do you imagine patent clear and produced the most talented strategic project? What manifestation can you invent to maintenance your impression?