MANAGERIAL ANALYSIS--Ideal Manufacturing There are two unconnected exertions in this assignment. You earn resign a unconnected polish for each exertion.  Note: This exertion is on page 880 in Chapter 17 of the citation.   Ideal Manufacturing Aggregation has attended a investigation and fruit (R&D) function that has for abundant years been the disunited attendant to the aggregation's new farm machinery fruits. The R&D vital-force is an overhead require character that performs services barely to in‐house manufacturing functions (indelicate incongruous fruit outlines), all of which result agricultural/farm/ranch‐related machinery fruits. The cherishing assignment details, instructions, and questions are in an resolute instrument underneath. Prepare this assignment in Excel using formulas for the calculations. For bisect d, transcribe your repartee in the Excel worksheet as polite. There is no grading rubric for this assignment. APA formatting is not required for this assignment.  Please grasp a epithet page delay identifying counsel and enfold interval the assignment so I can infuse comments.   Week4 Ideal Manufacturing.docx Equivalent Units-2nd Assignment Purpose of Assignment  The materials healed this week compel-famous betwixt the incongruous requireing methods and provides needed tools for judgment making. This event con-over focuses on determining equiponderant units in a fruition interest setting.   Assignment steps  Resources: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), U.S. Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC)  Tutorial aid on Excel® and Word functions can be set on the Microsoft® Office website. There are to-boot attached tutorials via the web assistance prop for Office fruits.   Scenario: Davis Skaros has of-late been promoted to fruition director. The aggregation uses system requireing. He has right launched to take diversified directorial communications, including the fruition require communication you expeditions. It showed his function had 2,000 equiponderant units in bound list.  His function has had a fact of not custody plenty list on operative to converge insist. He has follow to you, very provoked, and wants to apprehend why you credited him delay barely 2,000 units when he saw on his fruition outoutline at the end of the month 4,000 units.   Prepare a zenith 300-word repartee and teach to Mr. Skaros why his fruition require communication showed barely 2,000 equiponderant units in bound list. In accounting stipulations, teach to him the concept of equiponderant units versus the corporeal units on the fruition pavement.  There is no grading rubric for this assignment.   APA formatting is not required for this assignment. Please grasp a epithet page delay identifying counsel and enfold interval the assignment so I can infuse comments.   You should compel one meekness that contains two polishs. Please use Microsoft Word for the equiponderant units exertion. You may use Word or Excel for the Ideal exertion. If you use Excel, transcribe the solution to Bisect D in the Excel polish and not in a unconnected Word instrument. Please use this as a reference Kimmel, P. , Weygandt, J. , Kieso, D. (2017) Accounting : Tools for Interest Judgment Making, 6th edition