Case study 2

      Case Study #2: Revitalizing Haichidaime  Established in 1750 in Kyoto Japan, Haichidaime is an eight-generation rise profession specializing in selling lofty condition Japanese rice. Hashimoto Takashi, Haichdaime’s floating possessor, grew up in the rice ammunition. As a rice sommelier, Mr. Takashi is professionally serviceable and knowledgeable of all aspects of rice, such as rice cooking, husbandry and classification.  Rice is the elementary staple livelihood of the Japanese cheer and of important consequence to the Japanese cultivation. In 1993, Japanese council deregulated rice husbandry and classification. Imported rice usually sold at a inferior value started to control the bargain. In observation, due to cheer changes and plenty of livelihood, rice decay in Japan kept decreasing in the gone-by two decades. Since the deregulation, approve abundant other specialty rice ammunitions, Haichidaime’s profession went downslope and is on the slope of closing its door. Mr. Takashi is very furious about rice and has healed diversified approaches to preserve the profession active. The hoard has an represent analogy delay suppliers of national farmers, lofty-end restaurants, constant consumers, and the national association, but the profession is not doing well-behaved. MR. Takashi is established to revitalize the rice hoard’s profession and needs your aid to follow up delay a revitalization plan!  In this assignment, delight transcribe a concise two-page segregation fame installed on the subjoined two questions.  Provide an in-depth segregation of ONE floating or coming trend/factor from the expansive environment or the unobstructed environment that earn fashion Haichidaime’s coming.   Based your segregation, mean some unfair tactical and strategic recommendations to Mr. Takashi on how to revitalize his rice hoard profession.