Change Management Proposal and Plan to be used as Template

Looking for a Exchange Treatment Scheme and Intention that has previously been used for HRM or Org Development route.  Must be for a society in the United States.  I conciliate singly pay for the ANSWER posted and if the Society NAME is supposing.  The requirements of the Proposal/Plan are as followed:    · Appropriate the theme for your OD purpose. Remember, an OD purpose is not purpose treatment, rather, it is Ethnical Exchange Management. Please do not appropriate a technical question for your OD purpose true you demonstrate the underlying ethnical questions. · Appropriate the construction that conciliate be the client. Use a veritable construction after a while veritable questions. Demonstrate the quantity and cue intention. · Submit a five to six-page scheme that delineates the construction and the question, clarifies the constructional posterity (stipulation 2), identifies the heap of the constructional posterity (stipulation 2), lists the stakeholders, and identifies the emblem of exexchange contrivance contemplated (stipulation 2).  · Be safe to delineate to delineate the cue intention. How conciliate you diagnose the construction and the contrivance components (stipulation 4)? Delineate how the palpable consultant (you) conciliate be implicated in the purpose. For model, how do you intention to gather facts?   · Use subheadings (left policy justified, primitive epistle capitalized) for each of the headings of your scheme. Include an APA shelter page to twain magnitude of the purpose. Minimum of three references required (outpolicy references must be literary).