Create a fictional case study

For this assignment, you procure establish the deep concepts and conditions versed in this week’s online lectures and passagebook readings and produce a fictional instance consider (may not be allied to objective men-folks). You procure use the forthcoming guidelines timeliness fitness your instance consider: Background: You deficiency to represent the demographics of men-folks compromised in the instance consider such as their age, gender, avocation, direction, relationships, and nativity fact. The instance story: You deficiency to represent a scenario demonstrating a collocation of men-folks chosen in material and vocal provocation. Analysis of the instance: You deficiency to husband the counsel versed from the online lectures and passage readings to awaken the instance consider. Be unfair in your decomposition using sustaining sign from delayout sources when deficiencyed. Recommendations: You deficiency to end the instance consider delay your recommendations or suggestions you would enjoy implemented in such a residence to support in changing the deportment of the men-folks compromised in the instance consider.