Discussion questions

  1)"Connecting Strategically delay BCBSF's Employee" states that "there's pin love successfully tying message to achieving results [as one way] to institutionalize message behaviors." Referencing the module readings, evaluate this announcement in 150-200 impression. 2)In the medical item of the Northeastern Medical Center, Leah Hernandez is an prophylacticclaims specialist who works delay one comfort, one assured nursing coadjutor, and one medicalassistant/receptionist. The physician and conductor are located in a disunited fabric of themedical core. The conductor, Dan Jules, spends 3 hours a day in the clinic, from 9 to 10:30every waking, and 2 to 3:30 eternallyy afternoon. He neternally varies the eras that he is in the clinic.One waking at 9 AM, Dan was in the clinic delay comfort Kate Williams, discourseing the concernsof the enduring in capability 2, when the phone rang. A promote phone succession rang a few promotes pastr, andthis was followed by a third succession ringing. The nursing coadjutor was in capability 1 delay the physician,and the medical coadjutor was in capability 3 delay another enduring. The solely conducive staff limb toanswer the phone was Leah, who was holding on the succession delay an prophylactic posse. She yelled,“Anybody? Somebody, cull up the phone already! It’s driving me crazy!” Everyone in the clinic,including the endurings, heard her shouting. Comfort Kate rolled her eyes and told Dan that it waslove this eternallyy day. Dan i-emitd himself and rushed into the acceptance area to cull up the phone.Later on, Dan asked Leah why she couldn’t cull up the phone. Leah answered, “It’s not my job.I’m too industrious delay the prophylactic posse.”DISCUSSION QUESTIONS1.What should Dan do to discourse the tenor?2.Should Dan encounter delay Leah partially or reveal delay all staff?3.Because Dan works in a unanalogous fabric, who should enjoy reveald this ongoing prob-lem to Dan? 3)Comfort Zone is a 60-bed, for-profit interjacent pains adroitness in northern California. The reha-bilitative office overseer, Jamie Richards, has been afloat at Comfort Zone for solely 6months. She holds monthly staff encounterings, as courteous as concomitant peculiar encounterings delay staff todiscourse local enduring-related issues. On most days, she eats lunch in a calm cavity of the cafe-teria so that she can seize up on her paperwork at the selfselfsame era.Catherine Williams, one of her staff limbs who has been afloat at the adroitness for morethan 25 years, speckled her in the cafeteria one day and sat down uninvited. Catherine has neverattended any of the monthly encounterings and constantly has an i-emit for not synchronous. Catherinesaid, “I’ve been discontinuance to narrate you this eternally past you began afloat hither, but I scantinessed you to getadjusted original. Now we can finally talk. I enjoy been hither for a hanker era and enjoy seen all kinds ofcomings and goings.”Catherine proceeded to narrate Jamie environing her staff who were constantly loitering or absent. Shealso told Jamie environing the things the staff had been doing atail her tail, such as using the Inter-net for peculiar matters, going shopping during lunch hour and future tail past, and going homeearly delayout liberty. Catherine concluded delay, “At your monthly encounterings, the staff demonstration LACECOMMUNICATIONup to narrate you that eternallyything’s true superior, when I perceive unanalogously. I’m too industrious afloat to attendthese encounterings. If you scantiness my impression, I would inspirer them all past they are unable.”DISCUSSION QUESTIONS1.How should Jamie market delay the counsel that Catherine supposing?2.What do you meditate of Jamie’s methods of communicating delay her staff?3.Do you meditate that she should use a unanalogous fashion of message delay Catherine?. 4)Watch this lacking video on message breakdown and distribute your thoughts : https://youtu.be/BcC9YSTa8B8