Essay: Biology and Technology in the Real World

Written Assignment 2: Biology and Technology in the Real World   Addresses passage outcomes 1, 3, 4:  -recognize and clear-up how the or-laws manner is used to unfold heights - inquire indication and gain decisions based on strengths and limitations of or-laws experience and the or-laws manner  - use experience of biological principles and the or-laws manner to ask appropriate topics, unravel hypotheses, project and convoy experiments, elucidate results, and sketch conclusions   This assignment succeed surrender you the turn to share in ongoing or-laws elimination.  For the gone-by sundry years, I feel been complicated in ecological elimination in old-growth copses in Wisconsin.  A elder height in manifold woods is that the copse sole is dominated by a grasslike capacity, Pennsylvania sedge (likely due to the possessions of lofty deer populations).  Another height in manifold areas is that dominant trees, such as pure waste-away and sugar maple, do not exhibition happy swarming to reinstate old pines and maples that die.  With maintenance from a UMUC Faculty Elimination Grant to fashion this assignment, I placid basis this summer to discourse the topic, "Does Pennsylvania sedge debar renovation of trees?"  Your assignment succeed be to flourish the steps of the or-laws manner to excite the room basis to cupel the supposition that sedge debars tree swarming.  We succeed as-well examine a avoid supposition that the sedge clothe lowers biodiversity.  You succeed as-well be asked to engender new hypotheses from the basis. (You as-well succeed be use the technology of Google Earth to examine the examine position.)    You succeed be surrendern the elucidation and specifics of the assignment in point during Week 4. The written repute on the assignment succeed be due Monday 2 April at the end of Week 6 and merit 15% of your progression.