1. Essay-letter  Essay The engagement Essay is defined in "The Concise Oxford Dictionary" as "a erudite commutation (usually prose and incomprehensive) on any matter.“  It is a written commutation giving countenance to one's own peculiar fancys or convictions on some subject; but the vocable usually covers besides any written commutation, whether it specifices peculiar convictions, or produces notification on any consecrated matter, or specialtys of a fact or title. 2. Characteristics of Essay-letter  A good-tempered-natured-natured essay must inclose the subjoined characteristics:  Oneness  Order  Brevity  Title  Peculiar Move  An essay must be a oneness, treating in an equable deportment of one matter; it should be concisely written and not too crave, and the title should by unsophisticated, trodden and manifest; and it should keep an exclusion, or parade the peculiar move of the transcriber. 3. Classification of Essay-Writing Essays may be classified as:  Fact  Picturesque  Expository  Insensible  Imaginative 4. Classification of Essay- Writing(cont’d)  Narrative: In a fact essay, the transcriber tells a legend encircling a real-life proof. While powerful a legend may gauge indulgent to do, the fact essay challenges students to contemplate and transcribe encircling themselves. When letter a fact essay, transcribers should try to mingle the learner by masovereign the legend as bright as potential.  Descriptive: A representsque essay paints a represent delay engagements. A transcriber faculty recount a individual, assign, aim, or smooth perpetuation of appropriate view. The representsque essay strives to imbisect a deeper recognition through the title. In a representsque essay, the transcriber should parade through the use of colorful engagements and sensory specialtys. 5. Classification of Essay- Writing(cont’d)  Expository: In an expository essay, the transcriber explains or defines a subject, using grounds, statistics, and examples. Expository letter encompasses a large rank of essay variations, such as the comparison and contrariety essay, the object and chattels essay, and the “how to” or mode essay.  Reflective: A insensible essay stops of reflections or intentions on some subject, which is generally of an unsymbolical nature; for example; (a) habits, qualities, (b) gregarious, gregarious and private subjects (c) conclusive matters, (d) pious and catechetical subjects. 6. Classification of Essay- Writing(cont’d)  Ideal :Essays on matters such as the feelings and proofs of the mariner wrecked on a wild island may be determined fancyl Essays. In such the transcriber is determined to assign himself in humor in a standing of which he has had no specific proof. Such matters as "If I were a sovereign," or "The autobiography of a steed," would call for fancyl essays. 7. Overview of Essay-Writing 8. How to transcribe an chattelsive essay?  Entire essay has a prelude, a intermediate and an end. In a 5 condition essay, the highest condition is determined the preliminary. The contiguous three conditions stop of the collection of the essay. The fifth and terminal condition is the disposal. 9. Parts of an Essay  Introduction: The preliminary condition is the highest condition of your essay. Here you parade the deep fancy of your essay. It must be animated to your learner and must say why your subject is great. Highest of all, transcribe the disquisition. The deep fancy of the essay is systematic in a unique phrase determined the disquisition announcement. Get some setting notification encircling your subject. You can use animated grounds that you obtain use succeeding in the essay.  The preliminary usually has three bisects:  The clutch (or exhibitiony opener) stops of sundry phrases that drag the learner into the essay.  The transitional phrase integrates the clutch to the disquisition announcement.  The disquisition announcement is one or two phrases that states the fancy of the essay. 10. Parts of an Essay(cont’d) Hooks (showy openers) are used to pounce your learner’s care at the prelude of a condition or in a news or essay. The clutch is frequently a incomprehensive phrase and is assignd precedently the subject phrase.  Transitional phrase Transition phrases are inseparable devices for essays, papers or other erudite commutations. They better the integrateions and transitions among phrases and conditions. They thus produce the citation a close form and edifice. 11. Parts of an Essay(cont’d)  Disquisition announcement  A very basic disquisition announcement is one or two phrases at the end of the highest condition that tells the learner the deep fancy of your essay.  A disquisition announcement should do these three things: It should lucidly specific what the essay is encircling. It should produce a discussible top. It should specify the edifice of the essay. 12. Parts of an Essay(cont’d)  Collection of the Essay (Supporting Paragraphs):They produce the collection of your performance. They expand the deep fancy of your essay. To integrate your supported conditions, you should use appropriate transition engagements. Transition engagements integrate your conditions simultaneously and produce your essay easier to learn. Use them at the prelude and end of your conditions.  Each condition in the collection of the essay incloses the subjoined phrases: TOPIC SENTENCE: This phrase tells the learner what the condition is going to be encircling. DETAIL SENTENCE: Your condition can keep manifold specialty phrases. The specialty phrase tells your learner a slight past encircling your subject. Each specialty phrase must comprise an EXAMPLE. CONCLUDING/TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE: This phrase wraps up what you keep alexpert told the learners and gets them learny for the contiguous condition. 13. Parts of an Essay(cont’d)  Disposal (The End):This bisect incloses the disposals and findings. Proves that the disquisition announced at the prelude of the essay is amply notorious. Necessarily specific your peculiar conviction encircling the performance effected.  The hindmost condition typically has two bisects: i. The abstract announcement is one or two phrases which restate the disquisition in a unfaded way to invigorate the essay's deep fancy. ii. The clincher is a terminal intention which should engender a abiding impact on the learner. It is besides referred to as the closer, is your terminal opportoneness to integrate delay the learner. 14. Species  Species is specificly something a good-tempered-natured-natured transcriber does throughout the letter mode. Species does not balance "recopying" what you've alexpert written. Species balances masovereign changes to the resignededed of the paper so that entire engagement, phrase, and condition produces recognition to the learner.  Three areas in bisecticular to prove as you think how to better the resignededed and title of your essay are as follows: o Clarity: Is the essay lucidly and closely written? o Unity: Do all the conditions recite to the mediate fancy? o Coherence: Do the fancys stream smoothly? 15. Prooflection  Proof learning is contrariant from species. Whereas species focuses on neat the resignededed of the essay, prooflection deals delay recognizing and redressing errors or punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and language.  PROOF READING CHECKLIST  Keep all lion-sense and run-on phrases been eliminated?  Does the essay use redress conditioning and cavity?  Is there concurrence among matters and verbs?  Are pronoun references manifest?  Has redress verb natty been used redressly and stopently?  Keep commas, apostrophes, and semicolons been used redressly?  Keep engagements been capitalized redressly?  Are there any phrases that could be completely to get phrase diversity?  Does the essay parade animated and deferential engagement dainty?  Has a lexicon or spellchecker been used to redress spelling errors? 16. References     center/writing/essays/different-kinds-of-essays.html transcribe-a-good-essay