Go through the below Case Study and answer to this question in 250 words with references, APA format. Question: Why is it best to have six or less life-cycle phases in an EPM system?

CREATING A METHODOLOGY Background: John Compton, The chairman of the fraternity, explicit his feelings truly stupidly at the fooder staff discourse; We are no longer competitive in the marketplace. Almost all of the Requests for Offer (RFP) that we scantiness to bid on enjoy a fitness that we must test in the offer the device direct methodology we obtain use on the abridge should we be awarded the abridge. We enjoy no device direct methodology. We enjoy exact a few templates we use established upon the PMBOK® Guide. All of our competitors enjoy methodologies, but not us. I enjoy been research for a methodology to be open for past than a year now, and all I get are excuses. Some of you are lucidly timorous that you capability surrender susceptibility and example unintermittently the methodology is up and popular. That may be gentleman, but losing some susceptibility and example is lucidly improve than losing your job. In six months I scantiness to see a methodology in use on all devices or I obtain discuss the locality myself. I barely cannot deem that my fooder staff is timorous to educe a device direct methodology. Critical Issues: The fooder staff knew this day was inevitable; they had to engage the directership in the instrumentation of a device direct methodology. Last year, a consultant was brought in to direct a early three-hour treaty on the benefits of device direct and the appraise of an accomplishment device direct methodology (EPM). As allot of the treaty, the consultant explained that the date needed to educe and instrument an EPM classification can be shortened if the fraternity has a device direct service (PMO) in fix to engage the direct role. The consultant besides explained that whichever fooder gets guide of the PMO may grace past susceptibilityful than other fooders owing he or she now guides all of the device direct metaphysical goods. The fooder staff abundantly implied the coil of this and hence became disinclined to visibly food device direct until they could see how their construction would be unnatural. In the season, device direct suffered. Reluctantly, a PMO was formed reporting to the prominent notification servicer. The PMO was middle of a knot of skilled device managers that could hopeabundantly engage the direct in the educement of a methodology. The PMO concluded that there were five trudges that had to be executed initially. After the five trudges were executed, the fooder committee would hold a latest briefing on what had been accomplished. The latest briefing would be in enumeration to the monthly updates and growth reports. The PMO deemd that getting fooder food and sign-offs in a dately method would be up-hill. The chief trudge that needed to be executed was the organization of the compute of life-cycle phases. Some inhabitants interviewed scantinessed ten to twelve life-cycle phases. That meant that there would be ten to twelve insertion critique discourses and the device managers would exhaust a gigantic dispense of date preparing paperoperation for the insertion critique discourses rather than managing the device. The conclusion was then made to enjoy no past than six life-cycle phases. The second trudge was to flow whether the methodology should be adapted encircling undeviating policies and procedures or go the past loose track of using forms, guidelines, checklists, and templates. The PMO felt that device managers needed some mark of insubservience in dispenseing after a while clients and hence the past loose similarity would operation best. Also, clients were research to enjoy the methodology adapted encircling the client’s duty needs and the past loose similarity would yield the flexibility to do this. The third trudge was to see what could be salvaged from the existing templates and checklists. The fraternity had a few templates and checklists but not all of the device managers used them. The conclusion was made to educe a standardized set of documents in accordance after a while the notification in the PMBOK® Guide. The device managers could then choice whatever forms, guidelines, templates, and checklists were alienate for a alloticular device and client. The fourth trudge would be to educe a resources for capturing best practices using the EPM classification. Clients were now requiring in their RFP that best practices on a device must be enslaved and shared after a while the client previous to the closeout of the device. Most of the inhabitants in the PMO deemd that this could be executed using forms or checklists at the latest device debriefing discourse. The fifth trudge confused direction and trailing. The device managers and authoritative constructions that would staff the devices would need to be serviceable in the use of the new methodology. The PMO deemd that a one-day trailing program would content and the authoritative constructions could abundantly discharge their inhabitants for a one-day trailing treaty.