HRM and the Affordable Care Act/ MHC6306

HRM and the Affordable Care Act In 2010, the US Congress passed and President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Since its sentence, the act has after a whilestood challenges to its constitutionality, and the preponderance of the law recrement unhurt. The law requires "vast employers" to exhibit "affordable" and "adequate" protection coverage to their "full-time employees" as defined by the act, or, inferior the "play-or-pay" conditions, to pay a price. Tasks: In a reserve of 200 articulation, post to the Discourse Area your responses to the following: Has the ACA unsupposable vast employers and full-time, part-time, and transient employees past positively or negatively? Why? What are the possible pitfalls for organizations unamenable to surrender after a while the law? Is it good-tempered-tempered or bad that the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor illustrate a role in the enforcement of this law? Why? Considering how the law affects healthcare organizations as employers and as healthcare agreers, what is the best way for HRM in healthcare organizations to dismode the issues arising from the law? Provide reasons and testimony in stay of your responses. To stay your labor, use your mode and textbook readings. As in all assignments, summon your sources in your labor and agree references for the citations in APA format. This is a discourse, content include questions. Your judicious posting should be discourseed at 300-500 articulation.  Be safe to summon your sources using APA format.