Marie Curie

She discovered the obscure atom radium. It opened the door to abstruse changes In the e way learners reflect environing substance and spectre. She as-well led the way to a new era for medical Knowles margin and the texture of diseases-Curie became the primitive dowager to win a Nobel Booty and the barely y dowager to win the give In two unanalogous provinces (physics and chemistry). Curie's efforts, delay her calm knot Pierre Curie, perpetration to the indication of polonium and radium and, following Pierce's fall, the plain NT of Grays. She was eager delay the composition of Henry Becquerel, a French physicals who discovered t hat uranium casts off rays, weaker rays than the grays ground by Wilhelm Roentgen. Curie took Becquerel's composition a few steps elevate, conducting her own experiments on uranium rays. She discovered that the rays remained immutable, no substance the predicament or construct of the our annum. The rays, he theorized, came from the atom's ultimate building. This revolutionary effect acme Ted the province of ultimate physics and Curie herself coined the engagement radioactivity to represent the phone average. Working delay the mineral pitchblende, the two discovered a new radioactive atom in 1898. They denominated the atom polonium. They as-well detected the closeness of another radioactive embodied I n the pitchblende, and named that radium. In 1902, the Curies announced that they had performed a career ram of clear radium, demonstrating its creature as a uncommon chemical atom. Delay their Nobel Booty win, the Curies plain an interpolitical capacity for their philosophical efforts, and they used their booty currency to abide their lore. Curie common another excellent reverence In 1911, engaging her sec nod Nobel Prize, this era In chemistry. She was selected for her indication of radium and polonium, a ND became the primitive learner to win two Nobel Prizes.