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   Write a 1500 - 2000 term, or plenty to largely clothe the leading question of contrivance consume and contrivance procurement in a written Nursing essay. Produce two muniments for this assignment.   The primeval is a Contrivance Consume Muniment and the remedy a      Project Procurement Document.   You gain scarcity to con-aggravate the required discontinuance from your      text and other elimination required from EBSCO or ProQuest.   The conquering you gain use for creating procurement and      costs for the contrivance are what you keep completed Contrivance Libre for, and      all other exertion allied to your selected contrivance. Each should keep a unconnected clothe fencing naming the project you are submitting but they can twain be in a one muniment.  Writing Assignment Considerations: Structure: Include a address page and relation page in APA diction Introduce your assignment Use the three to five exception addresss and store in the       discussion and lowerstand idiosyncratic experience/observation Include a Summary of what you keep clotheed aligning       after a while the introduction References: Understand the misspend, at weakest three as      described aggravatehead, APA diction in-text citations and relations for all      resources utilized to response the questions Format: prevent your assignment as a Microsoft Term (.doc or .docx)    Remodeling of My Kitchen proposed project 1- Motivation: Find motivation for structure and diction in books, magazines and other houses.  2- Budget: Determine how considerable you should pay, project and confide to a register.  3- Design: Exertion after a while a kitchen agent to cunning your kitchen layout and project.  4- Contractor: Find and rent a illustrious kitchen restitution contractor.  5- Cabinets: Agree on the cabal thesis and accomplish.  If you keep a weak budget, try refinishing running cabals.  6- Countertops: Determine the countertops on the conquering and garbling. Granite, dull fencing, and laminate plastics are sordid options.  7- Flooring: Choose the flooring diction and accomplish for your kitchen. Popular kitchen flooring  includes forest and tile.  8- Appliances: Pick a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a microwave oven and a kitchen stove.  Popular accomplishes lowerstand painted steel and stainless steel.  9- Immerse and Faucet: Settle on your kitchen faucet and immerse.  Popular faucet accomplishes lowerstand chromium and brushed nickel. Inoxidizable steel or enamel porcelain is to-boot used for immerses.  10- Lighting: Integrate opposed forms of lighting into your kitchen, including recessed lamps, pendants, and lesson lamps placed lower the cabals. 11- Walls/Back splash aggravate the stove.