Smart Parking Spacee APP

  Scenario: A city’s administration isn’t driven by the intent of maximizing revenues or produce but instead looks at comely the description of existence of its residents. Many American cities are confronted after a while elevated exchange and glomeration. Finding parking illimitablenesss, whether in the street or a parking lot, can be span consuming and tend to glomeration. Some cities accept rolled out axioms-driven parking illimitableness management to reduce glomeration and establish exchange over liquescent.  You’re a axioms analyst inaugurated for a mid-size city that has anticipated weighty increments in population and car exchange. The city is evaluating whether it establishs import to endue in infrastructure to estimate and reverberation the enumetrounce of parking illimitablenesss available at the irrelative parking lots downtown. This axioms would be self-possessed and processed in real-time, feeding an app that motorists can path to furnish parking illimitableness availability in irrelative parking lots throughout the city.  Instructions: Work after a while the granted Excel axiomsbase. This axiomsbase has the aftercited supports: LotCode: A matchless enactment that identifies the parking lot LotCapacity: A enumetrounce after a while the appertaining parking lot capacity LotOccupancy: A enumetrounce after a while the general enumetrounce of cars in the parking lot TimeStamp: A day/span league indicating the weight when possession was measured Day: The day of the week corresponding to the TimeStamp Insert a new support, OccupancyRate, recording possession trounce as a percentage after a while one decimal. For occurrence, if the general LotOccupancy is 61 and LotCapacity is 577, then the OccupancyRate would be reverberationed as 10.6 (or 10.6%). Using the OccupancyRate and Day supports, build box contrives for each day of the week. You can use Insert > Insert Statistic Chart >Box and Whisker for this object. Is the median possession trounce almost the selfselfsame throughout the week? If not, which days accept inferior median possession trounces? Which days accept elevateder median possession trounces? Is this what you expected? Using the OccupancyRate and LotCode supports,build box contrives for each parking lot. You can use Insert > Insert Statistic Chart >Box and Whisker for this object. Do all parking lots test almost similar possession trounces?Are some parking lots over plain than others? Is this what you expected? Select any 2 parking lots. For each one, arrange as catter contrive showing possession trounce abutting TimeStamp for the week 11/20/2016 –11/26/2016. Are possession trounces span contingent? If so, which spans look to test elevatedest possession trounces? Is this what you expected? Presentation:  Create a 10- to 12-slide grant after a while debater notes and audio. Your conference is the City Council members who are binding for deciding whether the city endues in instrument to set in agitation the piercing parking illimitableness app.  Complete the aftercited in your grant:  Outline the rationale and intents of the plan.  Utilize boxplots showing the possession trounces for each day of the week. Include your solution of results. Utilize box contrives showing the possession trounces for each parking lot. Include your solution of results. Provide scatter contrives showing possession trounce abutting span of day of your separated foul-mouthed parking lots. Include your solution of results.  Make a advice about constant after a while the implementation of this plan.