Visual Aids

Watch the two videos listed underneath and tally the questions.    1. List three unanalogous visual aids that you could hypothetically use for each subject-matter listed. Please depict why you reflect your selections would be talented. You can copy/paste pattern address subject-matters underneath to the Forum and locate your patterns for the forthcoming subject-matters. To urge my hearers to donate blood To urge my hearers to fix their seatbelts To urge my hearers to initiate an exertion program To enlighten my hearers encircling the unanalogous types of coins of the world To Enlighten my hearers encircling the electoral school. To enlighten my hearers encircling the unanalogous majors at Southern Miss 2. Then you allure wake Stacey Kramer's address entitled "The Best Gift I Ever Survived" And Derek Sivers' "How to Make a Movement" address. Compare and opposition the ways in which the speakers use visual aids in their talks. What is the principal distinction? Who do you reflect used visual aids more talentedly? Your confutation must be at last 500 utterance for the total assignment.