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Week 1 - Discareer 1 1818 unread replies.1818 replies. Your moderate discareer line is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you enjoy until Day 7 (Monday) to accord to your classmates. Your progression achieve think twain the tendency of your moderate shaft and the profundity of your counter-arguments. Refer to the Discareer Forum Grading Rubric beneath the Settings icon aloft for direction on how your discareer achieve be evaluated.  Race, Ethnicity, and Gender During the Industrial Form and Westward ExpansionPrepare: Read Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of your textbook. Explore the Alien Menace (Links to an manifest office.)Links to an manifest office. article wholly, viewing all of the links. You are not required to apology the questions on the website, solely to infer them. Choose the assemblage that you drawing to centre on during this career and in your Final Project. You must appropriate from the assemblages listed below: African Americans Native Americans/American Indians Women Immigrants  Reflect: Reflect on the restrictions and beliefs installed on road, gender, ethnicity, and exoteric beginning that were sordid in American participation during the ultimate half of the 1800s. Think encircling the changes (twain overbearing and disclaiming) that came encircling as a issue of the industrial form and westward exposition. Think encircling how shrewdness shaped the experiments of each assemblage. What characteristic challenges and opportunities did each assemblage intimidate during this end? How did your clarified assemblage collision the narrative of this end? Consult The Anatomy of a Discareer Board (Links to an manifest office.)Links to an manifest office. as well-behaved-behaved-behaved as Critical Thinking: A Guide to Skillful Reasoning (Links to an manifest office.)Links to an manifest office. as you formulate your counter-argument. Write: Include your clarified assemblage in your discareer address. Installed on the chapters in your textbook and the required inform, apology the following: What are some of the ways that restrictions and beliefs installed on road, ethnicity, gender, and exoteric beginning shaped American participation in the passing half of the 1800s? Assess how these restrictions shaped your clarified assemblage’s experiment of the industrial form and/or westward exposition. Explain the changes that members of your clarified assemblage made practicefficacious during this end. Your moderate shaft should be at lowest 250 expression in diffusiveness. Your shaft should find relation to the required materials after a while in-text citations. Your relations and citations must be formatted according to APA fashion as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an manifest office.)Links to an manifest office.. You may use joined literary sources to buttress your points if you appropriate. As this career uses the “Post First” characteristic, you achieve not be efficacious to see other shafts in a forum until you enjoy shafted there as well-behaved-behaved. If you scarcity a modeled specimen for a discareer shaft inhibit out the Sample Discareer Post. Respond to Peers: Accord in a real style to at lowest two of your classmates’ shafts by Day 7. Each counter-argument should be at lowest 100 expression. You should accord to classmates who enjoy clarified a divergent assemblage from your own. I pICKED African American