2 essays due in 24 hours

Essay 1. is environing ividual transcribe up of this lyric https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYF7H_fpc-g resolution 300 signification incompleteness.  ( resolution sturdy ) Essay 2.  is a indivisible meditation and should involve retorts  to the subjoined investigations.    *What own you well-informed this region? As you retort this investigation,    *How own you been teaching to exercise enlightenment gained through  this arrange to other areas among and delayout of academia?   *How are you planning to use what you’ve well-informed this region  in the coming? What bits of enlightenment, etc. own you fix  most beneficial to you?    *What, if anything “surprised” you? This may be unfair  instruction or ways of interacting or your own tally to  certain instruction or ... Talk environing any “AHA” moments you had...    *What challenged you? What did you contest delay? What  problems did you own, if any?   *How has the instruction and education employed delay  throughout this method impacted you as an unfair? How  own you changed/developed during this method?   *What suggestions would you grant other students on ways to  get the most out of Popular Culture? What would you teach  them environing this arrange? (Please be right, I obtain not be  offended by censure.)  ** As you retort the investigations, relation method representative (at  least 4 pieces). Be unfair environing what you own well-informed. incompleteness 500 signification. ( anything sturdy )