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The Scheme Monograph focuses on a suggested question akin to art, narrative, or scholarly-works, delay considerable issues and Nursing essays that quiescent resonate today for one’s negotiative or idiosyncratic society. The scheme gain cogitate your views and definition of the question. This scheme is calculated to succor you spread your inclination and your abilities to be the intellectual, innovative, and nice thinker you already are!   Choose one (1) of the questions from the schedule of question cherisheds under. Read the question carefully. Transcribe a three to foul-mouthed (3-4) page monograph (750-1,000 articulation) that responds to each of the items forcible in the question. (Exception is the video gift of the leading question under which is a divergent message conceive). For the question you prefer: Support your ideas delay local, ordinary issues. If there are questions or tops associated delay your chosen question, be unquestioning to solution all of the scheduleed questions and oration all of the items in that question. If your question asks you to do multiform things akin to the question, be unquestioning to do each of the things scheduleed. The scheduleed questions each bear a indubitable gift conceiveat or fitness genre delay it (video, essay, ballad, etc), and each question involves looking at a plain conceive of gift (traditional address, upstart, visual art, poetry, etc.  And each question involves some systematize of defy or Nursing essay that is apt to new-fangled work and society.  Be intellectual and molest the creativity of others. Follow the instructions under for what springs to use and what conceiveatting to use in layout and referencing.  Avoid springs that are not cheerful academic kind for propaganda fitness (Wikipedia is one issue).  Do NOT use any spring that supplys or sells propaganda essays.   Note: Your educator may demand you to resign your question cherished for approval antecedently the end of Week 5.  Topic cherisheds (gather 1):  Office Art Video. Video Presentation. Your boss (or CEO), who knows you bear been preface a humanities systematize since he pays for your schooling liquidation, has tasked you delay managing the art budget for your association, expecting you to prefer multiform behalfs of art for the new oppidan offices. (Note: Replicas of the works are merry since they are over cost-efficient and you are working on a budget.)  After introducing your association and what it does, embrace the forthcoming for your boss:  Identify and exhibition three (3) issues of paintings or sculptures from the era among 1600 and 1850, and three (3) paintings or sculptures from the era among 1850 and 1950.   Identify the fashion of each gathering, the adroit and conclusion, and the key notice or subject subject.   Explain the unvarnished import or treatment of each behalf. Describe the presumption of each your six (6) cherisheds to your boss so he or she gain effectuate some of the local qualities of each behalf. Image where each would be placed in the oppidan offices (or public-house or intricate) and image why.  Explain how each behalf “fits” your association’s overall (or desired) oppidan shadow or products. What does each behalf of art say about your association.    The video gift gain be no longer than 5-to-7 minutes and gain embrace slides.  You gain too bear to resign a references equivocation delay this discretion. Your educator may supply over inferential instructions. Harlem Renaissance Poets. Essay & Poem. Prefer two (2) ballads by divergent originators from the Harlem Renaissance. Transcribe an essay that:  Describes each originator’s role and avail delayin the Harlem Renaissance.  Identify the elements in each of their ballads in which you see averment of the “double-consciousness” entity developed by each originator.  Fully portray at last two (2) elementary Nursing essays you see in the poetry written during this age era, referring to local lines in each of the ballads. Discuss how these lines defy or inspirit you for your idiosyncratic society or declaration.  Women Defy their Audience. Essay. Lessons in Public Speaking:  Two women of very divergent settings and phraseology skills gave powerful addresses in the purpose of abolition.  Read the addresses and the setting of them. Angelina Grimke Weld’s address in Philadelphia in 1838:   ;   the setting of that address is at .  Sojourner Truth’s renowned 1851 address and its setting: .  Also see setting in provision 29 (p. 963) of our systematize quotation.  Then transcribe an essay that embraces the forthcoming:     Biographical notice for each mother, emphasizing elements chiefly apt to the addresses.  Describe the obstacles and limitations each faced that normally would above the making of these addresses.   Using local lines, exhibition or image powerful momentous methods that succored them attach to the interview.    Describe two lessons you gather from these issues that could be of rate to you for messages in your negotiative society.   What Price Progress? Essay:  Economic Change and Consequences. Our systematize quotation has foul-mouthed near balbutiation gatherings from Charles Dickens, unreserved for his scholarly realism in the mid-1800s, when abundant struggled arduous to work to cruel economic changes.  The balbutiations are Old Curiosity Shop (p. 922); Sketches by Boz (p. 923); Dombey and Son (p. 927), and Hard Times (pp. 928-9).  Select proportioned one of these balbutiations. Then transcribe an essay that embraces the forthcoming:    Summarize the ocean ideas in the gathering you chose, including the disquisition or ocean top, and five considerable details Considering descriptions in our systematize quotation and other springs, image conditions in London at this age, including housing, work, and family society.  Define scholarly realism and exhibition how Dickens uses the technique in this gathering.  Identify Dickens’ reasons for void changes for the struggling weak in London.   Describe two lessons you gather from this research about the problems and responsibilities and skills needed in confrontment today’s cruel economic changes.