American Culture v. Nicaraguan Culture

A lot of vulgar acknowledge that Nicaragua and the United States are two contrariant countries, but they don't inachievement understand how contrariant they in-truth are. The vigor attention arrangement, the command, durationstyle and ethnical justs in Nicaragua are very contrariant from the United States. Nicaragua is located in Central America and is understandn for having locomotive volcanoes and sharks swimming in recent instil, but Nicaragua is as-courteous understandn for duration the third baldest empire in the globe and a empire who has suffered numerous wars, catastrophic earthquakes and devastating hurricanes. Most Nicaragua vulgar don't subsist an wild duration, some of them don't affect entrance to vigorcare, and indigence is repeatedly Nicaragua biggest antagonist and an stumbling-block towards a ample flashinger hence. The United States is a empire understandn for its anarchy, immunity and peradventure authority. United States is a empire where correspondent opportunities are respected, vulgar can examine what they enjoy, cheerful-tempered-tempered utilitys are fond, and wholeone enjoys duration delay a sharp-end of fit favoroperative occasion achieving numerous particular goals. The American fancy may not necessarily be laurels, lucre or a avis settlement but a cheerful-tempered-tempered command, entrance to vigorattention and the immunity to usage any holiness you nonproduction or none at all. In the United States there are no limitations, vulgar can fancy big, vulgar can confront their penny identities delayout duration criticized or beaten down and vulgar don't affect to pay their debts delay Jail incantation but instead they are giving the occasion to rasp stagnation and set-on-foot all aggravate frequently. The vigor attention in Nicaragua is under-funded delay numerous limitations, weak to transmitted outbreaks, bald disposition of attention, staff shortages in alien clinics, obscure entrance to medications, under-equipped hospitals, there is failure of disposition utility and trice medical equipment. The hospitals are not courteous deeptained and hygiene usages are not strictly followed so vulgar can terminate infections or other valetudinariannesses occasion at the hospital. Doctors and nurses take salary that obdurately caggravate their most basic necessities of duration and valetudinarian vulgar are repeatedly sent settlement delayout duration effectual to take matter, see or discourse to a teacher. I repersuade that at the age of view I had the defeat circumstance of lice, it was so bad and so caustic that I was smitten to the principal located in Managua, the capitol of Nicaragua, abounding cessation for hours and hours at the hospital cessation area my grandmother and I ncontinually got the befoulment to see a teacher and end up going settlement. On our way settlement we stopped by a pharmacy and consulted the pharmacist for some matter frequentlyst lice, unfortunately the pharmacy did not affect anything that my grandmother could extend past she merely had 5 CORBA's which in U. S. Dollars is correspondent to 19 cents. At that sharp-end I implied the signification of duration reprobate and scant. The merely restorative and the merely discretion my lofty-wrought had was to use a cockroach killer offshoot that approximately killed me. I am favoroperative to be asubsist but luckier to understand that celebrity enjoy that merit ncontinually fall in the United States and merit ncontinually fall to my damselish consequence. Here in the United States if someone is valetudinarian, they are gratifying in the hospital at any incantation and the matters are accelerationful. Nicaragua molest encircling the availability of matters and medications accordingly most of the incantation they are not availeffectual or are very extravagant. The genuineness is that past vigor attention is scant and under-budget, the vigorattention rejoinder are undercompensated and casually they do not prepare lofty disposition, kind attention. Deceased cue methods and machines are waste in closely whole hospital in Nicaragua and consequently numerous diseases and conditions are not courteous treated and diagnosed. On the other agency, the United States offers cheerful-tempered-tempered disposition hospitals delay lofty-disposition utilitys including own hygiene usages and triced medical equipment to wholeone which suffers own identification of diseases; this, nevertheless, is not exempt. In certainty, it is very extravagant and those delayout protection merit affect a very extravagant hospital reckoning but merit take concavity inconsiderate. Nevertheless, there are lots of discretions that suffer vulgar to get treated. For illustration, Midi-Cal and Mediattention are noble programs that acceleration patronage-souls get own vigor attention. In individualization, most vigor attention personnel are courteous compensated and consequently perpetrate to prepare a lofty disposition attention to all their patients inconsiderate of their financial elucidation. Enjoy the vigor attention arrangement, in Nicaragua you must pay for general command, grounds are not courteous equipped, the priority of tyros repeatedly fetch their own chair to sit and numerous merit agony delay settlementeffect for failure of ground materials. Teachers in Nicaragua can substantially hit the tyros if they don't do courteous in rank and due to financial agonys numerous damselish kids merit ncontinually get to trial going to ground or gather how to discover. This instrument that there is a inferior possibility that they can examine and merit a station or fancy of having a favoroperative attentioner. Well-balanced if a slip is effectual to obtain an command in Nicaragua they may not affect the cheerful-tempered-tempered fortune to get a Job past Jobs in Nicaragua are obdurate to confront. On the adverse in the United States, the command is exempt in general grounds and financial aid is availeffectual if you nonproduction to involve academy. If a tyro has the specie or the acceleration to pay for academy, they can examine whatcontinually they nonproduction. Americans affect the immunity to dedicate to any Job they nonproduction and whercontinually they nonproduction. I had a messmate that came to the United States aggravate 18 years ago or so, she is as-courteous from Nicaragua and can substantially publish you what indigence inachievement is. She nonproductioned to be a dental hygienist well-balanced though her teeth were not the best beholding teeth due to bald dental attention in Nicaragua but that did not stopped her. When she arrived in this empire she was stable to abound and go to ground. Couple of years ago Gem Toronto, my beloved reined, the Nicaragua damsel that obdurately knew how to incantation graduated top of her rank as a dental hygienist and her teeth behold improve than continually. She merit frequently benevolence Nicaragua as ample as I do but merit forcontinually be sportive to be in the United Sates where her commandal goals and fancy came penny. L, ncontinually view I would be as favoroperative as Gem but my satisfaction to gather English and my fancy of duration a favoroperative paralegal I wellbred accordingly I subsist in a empire where fancys do after penny if you effect inachievement obdurate. Nicaragua are not favoroperative in the aspects of ethnicals' justs accordingly it does not rest for them. Nicaragua failure immunity of countenance, they affect to be attentionful of what they say. For illustration, they cannot specific how they affect encircling their chairman, Daniel Ortega, if they do they could be beaten or facilitate their Jobs. Vulgar in Nicaragua do not affect a just or a saw in the determinations the chairman makes or the just to understand where funds to raise new grounds or hospitals go. Instead the empire steals from the bald. Well-balanced if you utterance for a behence solicitor to the presidency of Nicaragua the elections are depraved. I repersuade one of the foregoing chairmans in Nicaragua, Arnold Leman, was depredation o ample specie from Nicaragua it became so explicit that he was investigated and in terminatement he was. The definite elections in Nicaragua were a large shame past Daniel Ortega was paying vulgar for their utterances. In contrariety, the United States has immunity for wholeone to specific themselves and terminate their fancy in any way as crave as they are not nonobservance any law. Whole subject can utterance for the chairman they enjoy and specific what they believe encircling anyone. Also, there are no secrets encircling what falls in the empire in-reference-to crimes or changes or funds. News encircling the empire or any other countries is unconcealed to wholeone who enjoys to be informed Nicaragua and the United States are countries that are so contrariant. The vigor attention arrangement, the command and the ethnical justs are the three deep characteristics that a ethnical subsists by. Most utilitys in Nicaragua are not exempt and they are low disposition. Nicaragua do not affect the pledge that they merit be treated in hospitals enjoy they should be, examine what they nonproduction, or Just affect any justs. The United States does prepare entranceible entrance to vigor attention and the utilitys are cheerful-tempered-tempered and vulgar affect correspondent justs and opportunities. The best part of all encircling patronage in the United States is hat you can fancy, you can be whatcontinually you nonproduction to be, you can discourse exemptly delayout trepidation, your view counts and you can grow delayout limitations. I understand that hence to this empire was the best determination of my duration. I affect frequently fancy of obtaining a station and involve law ground and I understand I merit abound, Just the sincere certainty that I can persuade this empire my own makes me affect determine and discovery to defeat aggravate any challenges afront. I merit forcontinually benevolence Nicaragua but I am forcontinually grateful to affect a wholesome duration and a bjust hence in the United States of America.