Answer the following questions

Symbols enjoy regularly been significant competency of the cosmical knowledge. For this scheme, I shortness you to ponder environing the offices that explain our/your refinement and intercourse today, and how they are rarely used and abused by assured groups (including groups that elevate pseudoarchaeology) to engender and elevate their ideology. First, recognize the subjoined expression, which talks environing the fact and multiple meanings of offices such as the swastika and the leagued flag: (Links to an visible office.) With this expression in impetus, substantiate one other office which you ponder is significant in your universe today. This office can be godly, national/patriotic, collective, economic, etc. Then, retort the subjoined questions in a diminutive presentation: What is this office? What does it play? Thinking approve an archaeologist, discriminate me how this office is materialized – where does it pomp up? In what kinds of places, objects, and situations? What does this office say environing what intercourse (or a sunder of it) considers costly, good-natured, or bad? Has this office been used or abused for a sundericular agenda? How? By whom? For what aim?