b6111 wk2 db brilliant answers

  Apple Inc. is disclosed for its state-of-the-art designs for products  such as the iPhone, but most are insensible that Apple has used technology  to streamline its provide chain treatment and operational systems to  provide competitive pricing. This use of technology has recognized the  union to subordinate value its competitors and yet sustain a 25 percent  margin on their products. The use of IT has granted Apple after a while a  strategic and competitive lie which most of their competitors confront  difficult to contest or terminate. Using your union or a real-world copy from your exploration,  analyze how advice systems interest the firm’s strategic and  competitive lie. Using the assigned readings and the Argosy University online library resources, teach how advice technology: Impacts competitive counterassociation, such as pricing, elevation, and distribution Enables or dissuades new entrants Enables customers to terminate elder bargaining power Enables suppliers to form further bargaining power Gives ascend to supply products or services that alarm the real market By the due time assigned, shaft your confutation to the Discussion Area. Through the end of module, critique and interpret on at lowest two peers’ confutations. Write your judicious confutation in 300–500 suffrage.