Benchmark – SIOP Presentation

For this benchmark, cause an in‐depth, 15‐20 slide PowerPoint gift to enlighten other teachers in your nurture boundary of the boons of using the SIOP stance as a command framework. This gift should concoct on the experimental acquirements that shows the boons of the SIOP framework when used delay open advice students as polite as delay ELLs. Your gift should include: A weak literal overview of some of the elder adviceal policies that possess shaped ELL command. A weak description of socioeconomic, collective, and constitutional influences on command for ELLs. The view interrelated rudiments of the SIOP stance, their collision, and a command stance for each rudiment. Include a boon for each SIOP rudiment touching how it contributes to an interesting curriculum and acquirements experiment. The view SIOP rudiments are as follows: Lesson Preparation Building Background Comprehensible Input Strategies Interaction Practice and Application Lesson Delivery Review and Assessment Make a occurrence for the consequence of interesting in ongoing acquirements touching innovative ways to husband SIOP in your command. Include considerations environing consultation ELL needs, such as path to academic classes, delayhold resources, and commandal technology, suitableness established collaboratively delay other nurture professionals from the perspective of an advocating head. Include designation slide, presenter’s notes, and a regard slide that contains 3‐5 sources from the required readings or the GCU Library.