Business questions

   In APA format, tally to the forthcoming questions in space 1& 2 Part 1 1. Why should an operations separation deduce the organization’s strategic objectives? 2. What are the significant things to deduce in selecting operational metrics to use in an operations separation? 3. What are seasonal variations in hospital magnitude? Impart an specimen, and expound how seasonal variations can pretend an operations separation. 4. Differentiate between inner and manifest benchmarks, and impart an specimen of each. 5. Name some sources of manifest benchmarks, which facts are serviceable, and what their immanent uses can be. 6. Describe the diverse vital tools used to disclose benchmarks, including their not-absolute merits and drawbacks. Part 2  1. What are some of the key trends that are evolving in sanity prevention operations skill? 2. Which best practices should operations managers supervene? 3. Discuss the rationale subsequently systems interoperability. 4. How capacity an operational curb center production in sanity prevention? 5. Why should administrators and medical executives endure discloseing office skills? 6. What are five judicious steps that can be smitten to inaugurate the operations skill process?