Careers in Lodging, and Food and Beverage Industries

PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS AS THEY ARE WRITTEN DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THEM!! NO PLAGIARISM, MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS! SHOULD YOU USE A SOURCE THEN IT MUST BE REFERENCED ON THE REFERENCE PAGE AND IT SHOULD BE CITED PROPERLY IN THE PAPER!! Assignment 1: Careers in Lodging, and Prop and Beverage Industries worth 200 points 1. To qualify for your assignment, re-examination “Career Paths of a Happiness Superintendence Student”, located at  This boundary provides an overview of the different responsibilities of  managers that are systematically fix in the happiness and tourism  industry. 2. Next, unravel “A Day in the Life of David Lindahl, General Manager of Daily Diner Frogtown”, located at 3. Then, unravel “The Day in the Life of a Hotel GM vs. CEO”, located at: Write a impure to five (4-5) page monograph in which you: 1. Represent the different types of superintendence careers that can be offered among each activity (lodging, and prop and beverage). 2. Compare and contrariety the differences between the General Superintendence (GM) positions among the two industries. 3. Analyze and represent the enlargement in overall possession among these  two industries and how this overall enlargement is forecasted among the contiguous  ten years. 4. Recommend at last three ethnical productions practices in which each  activity can reform recreate and keep superintendence ability for their  respective activity. MICROSOFT WORD DOCUMENT AND APA FORMAT ONLY INCLUDING ALL REFERENCES AND INTEXT CITATIONS!! THE ENTIRE PAPER NEEDS TO BE IN APA FORMAT NO EXCEPTIONS. Use at last three temper regards. Note: Wikipedia and alike websites do not temper as academic productionss. Format your assignment according to the aftercited formatting requirements: Typed, embrace spaced, using Times New Roman font (dimension 12), delay one-inch margins on all sides. Include a overspread page containing the epithet of the assignment, the  student’s designate, the professor’s designate, the sequence epithet, and the determination.  The overspread page or regard page is not middle in the required page protraction. Citations and regards must ensue APA  format.