Costing and Decision Making

  Competency Analyze absorb behaviors and genesis absorbing methods. Scenario Community Hospital is regarding subsidy a new clinic for hospital employees and their dependents. The Accounting Superintendent would approve you to back after a while a criticism of absorb assignments after a whilein the absorb accounting scheme for a new employment that is being considered. They criticism the subjoined new employment and absorb after a while you. There achieve be a superintendent hired to supervise the operations of the new employment at a allowance of $6,000 per month. Technical staff achieve be scheduled on an as-needed premise, established on estimate of experiments produced, and achieve be paid $25.00 per hour. In adduction, there achieve be one new full-time ace secretary at $15.00 per hour. A livelihood abridge has been purchased to meet any needed repairs on the equipment at a absorb of $10,000 for 12 months. Service arrangement generally run encircling the identical each month, and are roughly $100. Each experiment requires closely the $75 of experimenting arrangement. The service rupture is $1,000 per month for the primeval year and then increases to $1,200 for the second year. Electricity to run all of the service equipment is expected to be $750 per month. Travel expenditures for the superintendent achieve be $150. Instructions The Accounting Superintendent would approve you to primeval beget a Word muniment where you narrate the characteristics of trodden vs. introdden expenditures and muboard vs unroving expenditure. Subjoined your argument, you should beget a board to class each absorb item (A–I) as: Direct or introdden (D or I) Variable or unroving (V or F) She has asked you to adapt a board in Word after a while the subjoined information: You achieve accept two answers (D or I; V or F) for each of the subjoined items: Cost Item D or I V or F  Department Manager Technical Staff Unit Secretary Maintenance Contract Office Supplies Testing Supplies Office Rent Electricity Travel Expenses Finally, in your muniment, the Accounting Superintendent would approve to understand if there are any other assumptions that you accept made in making your selections in the board. Resources Table FAQ