Design Modern Info Sys

Requirements to thorough the assignment.   Min 6 slides to 10 Slides Select a Sales collision and thorough the slides after a while the aftercited advice. Slides can be past depends on the full and property. Past exposition is frequently advantageous for comfortable grading Slide 1:  Do some decomposition and meet the competitors and interpret about their apps. Do some proportionately decomposition love pros, cons, strengths and enervation. Slide 2: Explain about your SALES APP result and features and muster the requirements for the SALES APP you are building/creating. Slide 3: Come up after a while a CLASS diagram. Build the arrangees after a while all arrange names, properties, attributes parallel after a while grounds types. Slide 4: Build the network diagram to pomp the connectivity to the SALES app and how the negotiation course happens. Slide 5: Build the contour diagram to pomp how you for your app after a while quiet of the users or apps or firewalls etc. Slide 6:  Explain the whole course of the collision from rouse to end, so that end user can conceive how to use to use your app parallel after a while all details. This should be love a acceleration refine so that user can establish yours app and stir obtrusive after a whileout any difficulty. Provide as manifold details as you can (Think love a user).   Provide References based on your learning.