Economic Genius NEEDED FOR THIS

  ****NO PLAGARISM, NO THROWN TOGETHER WORK, QUALITY ONLY***** Write 1,750 order Nursing essay envelope the following: (EACH ITEM MUST BE COVERED IN PAPER) APA FORMAT WITH REFERENCES & CITATIONS MUST BE INCLUDED!!!! Pretend that FedEx is expanding the congregation to Cuba · Evaluate popular global economic provisions in Cuba and their goods on macroeconomic indicators in Cuba. ·  Provide forecasts for population enlargement, shameful domiciliary consequence (GDP) enlargement, GDP per capita enlargement, ship-produce enlargement, and sales enlargement. · Evaluate any competitors' material consequenceion in the Cuba · Assess sales forecasts in Cuba by using the Federal Reserve of St. Louis's FRED axioms, the CIA World Fact Book, World Bank axioms, World Trade Organization, or other alienate sources you dominion discaggravate on the Internet or in the University Library. · Categorize the fashion of husbanding that exists in Cuba as barred, adulterated, or traffic. What is the dissonance between these fashions of economies and how dominion this seek your dilution? · Assess how Cuba’s popular merit traffic provisions, especially curiosity-behalf reprimands and the availability of financing, seek require for your consequence or advantage and your planning or gratuitous judgment for your consequenceion in that province. · Analyze the role of Cuba’s accessible bank on that province's husbanding. · Compare the availability, direction, and job skills of the exertion validity in Cuba. Discuss any concomitant challenges of interdiplomatic consequenceion, such as collective arrestation, availability of council financing or other incentives, intimidation of chief controls, and vary reprimand risks. · Explain any concomitant give tie challenges you prearrange if attempting to gain your consequence in your selected province and selling the consequence in other countries. · Fixed on the axioms collected and separation performed for this relation transcribe a quittance in which you: ****Create duty strategies, including figure and non-figure strategies, fixed on your traffic construction to fix the traffic divide and germinative traffic dilutions and study global opportunities for your duty in a dynamic duty environment and collect recommendations. ****Develop a recommendation for how the resolute can wield its forthcoming consequenceion by synthesizing the macroeconomic and microeconomic axioms presented. o Propose how the resolute's collocation amid the traffic and incompact its competitors earn apportion it to engage your recommended operation. ****Recommend strategies for the resolute to stay its luck going anxious by evaluating the discoverings from require trends, figure elasticity, popular rank of the duty cycle, and council. ****Recommend any relatively advantages your congregation earn accept aggravate competitors popularly gratuitous in Cuba, and shield your collocation, either for or over, expanding your congregation's consequenceion into your selected province fixed on your learning.