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Assignment 1: LASA 2: Inappropriate Behavior Marwan has exertioned at Studio Five Theme Circle as a class originator portraying a swash-buckling buccaneer. He does not possess an trade compress.  He loves his job owing of his priority after a while the association and all the watchfulness he receives from the visitors in the circle. Unknown to anyone, his prosthetic leg has no noble contact on Marwan's achievement in this standing. Marwan has grace an polished coquette after a while all this watchfulness, and now goes to the quantity of placing his hands on the womanish visitors' behinds when posing for pictures. The women he has encountered so far possess not complained, didn't appear to impetus, or they were enslaved by such amaze they were not knowing how to accord. One day, Marwan grabbed the breast of one of his companion womanish originators who had been recently hired. When she threatened to tidings him, Marwan told her that he could get her fired if she did not go on a end after a while him. The companion accustomee tidingsed the clear anyway and Marwan was terminated presently. Marwan contends that he was terminated as a development of tangible impotency. Directions: Research trade law cognate to hiring/firing and discernment, using your textbook, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet. Established on the basis of the flusht and lore, transcribe an analytical article. In the article, accord to the aftercited questions: What accommodating rights laws may disallow Marwan’s influence after a while his companion co-worker? Do those laws apportion to his influence internal the circle visitor?  Explain twain answers. Did Marwan consign sexual harassment? If so, what likeness? Explain your answers and the conditions you use. What is the lawful essence of Marwan’s trade?  Explain your answers and the conditions you use. What actions and steps should Studio Five obtain?} abutting Marwan? Explain what actions you considered and why you either confide them or discard them. Discuss Marwan’s allegation that he is substance discriminated abutting established on his impotency and what response Studio Five may possess to that allegation. What would each of them possess to ascertain in pursue? If the womanish accustomee sues Studio Five Theme Park, what defenses can Studio Five use?   Are they occupied for Marwan’s influence flush if they were unconscious of and did not apascertain of Marwan's actions? Explain your answers and the conditions you use.  If Marwan was a component of a conjunction that had a political bargaining treaty after a while Studio Five, would that veer any of your foregoing answers? If so, why? What likenesss of association policies, procedures, and actions should businesses accustom to elude harassment of their accustomees? Write a ten-page article in Word format. Apportion APA standards for congeniality title to your exertion. Submit your assignment to the Submissions Area by the due end assigned. Use the aftercited perfect naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M5_A1.doc.