In the Heart of the Sea Critical Essay

In the Heart of the Sea The strange “In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex,” by Nathaniel Philbrick, fortunately tells the anecdote of the whale ship Essex that was attacked by a sperm whale 1,500 marispell miles west of the Galapagos, 40 miles south of the equator. Manifold specials recognize this as the anecdote of “Moby Dick”, which was established off this incident. The strange highlights three themes: man versus species, prosperity, and indisposition. The strange starts out in the town of Nantucket, an island off the eastern seashore of New England. Nantucket, at this spell, is recognizen as one of the most fortunate whaling miens. Docked on the mien was the celebrated Essex, a 20 year whaling boat. The Essex is the conceit of Nantucket. It is 87 feet desire, 238 tons, equipped delay 12 sails and carried divers smaller whaling boats that were used when a whale was speckled. Following enduring manifold years, the Essex familiar a estimation for life a successful ship. Manifold travels decisiveed environing two to three years in the Pacific Ocean. Manifold immature boys, such as Thomas Nickerson, affixed whaling gangs at a immature age. These gangs were adulterated of practiced whalers and “green hands,” men who possess never sailed on a whaling ship. Usually, these new gang constituents would achieve environing $150 for two years composition, so the practiced compositioners made the most of these “green hands. ” Nantucket was recognizen for its whale products, and was considered the whaling principal of the cosmos-people. Whale oil was used to fuel lamps and making lamps (owing there is no electricity, gas or kerosene). It is besides used in margarine, shoe burnish and soap. Baleen is a import that ends from the mouths of the whale. They can be base in manifold women’s investment. These two considerserviceeffectual consequence end from whales and the merely way to shape the oil and baleen is to effect a travel out to see and perceive the whales. At the source of the strange, we are introduced to the town of Nantucket and whaling profession. His discussions of this set us up for the incidents followingcited succeeding in the bulk. Philbrick besides dialogues encircling the interunity among the colonists in Nantucket. They are very cork, drawn simultaneously by their Quaker theology, congruous habits, and their interests in whaling. In the town, there is a hierarchy delayin the specials. Where a special speedd in the town was established on what arrange they are in their collection. The captain’s settlement would usually possess the best purpose of the foster. The seven sombre gangmen who were brought aggravate to the gang were out casted, and relied on each other. The strange highlights the dangers of life a whaler. Immature gangmen, such as Nickerson, were there to shape habit for forthcoming excursions. Nantucket was brought simultaneously by the whaling assiduity, and the unity would usually see ships off precedently they took off. The Essex sailed off from Nantucket on August 12, 1819 inferior the dispose of 28 year-old Captain George Pollard, Jr. He elapsed the decisive four years on the Essex, and knew it very well-mannered. However, Philbrick points out that Pollard was not prompt for be a captain, and we see why succeeding on in the bulk. Owen Chase is the captain’s highest compeer, and Matthew Joy was the remedy compeer. The Essex was operated delay a 21-man gang. In section 2, Philbrick describes the ship. Also, in this section, we get a handle for the insularity of the “outsiders. The captain and his compeers would snooze in cabins that were in the end of the ship, contiguous, the Nantucket colonists would come-to in the leadage, and the sombres, disconnected by the blubber admission, come-toed in aspect of the boat. Following they start on their excursion, the men commence to distress encircling their rations. Pollard, was serviceserviceeffectual to dialogue them into settling for what they had, establishing his pattern and pattern. In section 5, on November 20, the gang dishonors whales 40 miles south of the equator. Chase and his gang go following a whale, which destroys their boat delay its bottom. When they procure their boat end to the Essex, they dishonor a large sperm whale nigh the bow of the ship calmly and quietly natant adesire the demeanor of the instil. The whale began to agitate promptly towards the ship. The men try to lead Essex afar from the whale, but are vain. The whale rams the ship delay its source, and the men are astounded. Following the whale speeds itself, it struck the ship repeatedly, causing the Essex to immerse bow-first. The men board their whaleboats following a confusion of provision of leaving the Essex. They stripped the sails of the ship and fast them to their boats. The waves splashed aggravate the boat, causing the composition to be more up-hill. The contiguous dawning, the boats receive off. Chase and Pollard dialogue of where to go now that their ship has sunk. They discourse encircling going to the Galapagos Islands, but Pollard observed the coil bearing would not avow them to go there. Next, they discourse encircling the Marquesas, in the west. The men had heard that the subvertow-creatures of the island were cannibals. South of the Marquesas were the Tauamotu Archipelago Islands, but the men had besides heard that the islands possess a bad estimation. In this conference, we observe the colonist’s view on the obscure. They portion-out a recognition of simultaneouslyness delayin each other and no one else. We see this in the lie of the colonists towards the sombre gangmen. Pollard decides to sail towards the Collection Islands. There, Pollard saw a safer environment delay petty menace. Chase and Joy establish that the Collection Islands would not be a cheerful establish to sail towards, and they could sail towards Chile or Peru instead. Pollard conforms to this determination. Here we see that Pollard has beend short dogmatic following the Essex immerses. In their highest three weeks in the boats, the men aspectd manifold hardships. They aspectd parching and yearn. Their skin had been burnt, salt instil burned their sores, and the men, life as wishy-washy as they were, were unserviceeffectual to row the boats. On top of all that, another whale attacks Pollard’s boat. The men dishonor an island in the separation and infer that they possess come-tod at Henderson Island. There, they base ruddy instil and ate crabs and birds. They were serviceserviceeffectual to speed themselves, and this gave them a assailant hazard of prosperity. Three men chose to come-to on the island opportunity the others left. Pollard promised he would retake them following he reached South America. They requite end to the sea, and the men aspect the similar obstacles they aspectd precedently they base Henderson Island. The men aspectd yearn but were stationary hydrated from the instil composed at Henderson Island. Manifold accepted they weren’t going to speed, and gave up their rations. Joy dies in the travel, and the men compose him at still. Bad turns to worse when the men acquire there is merely ample hardtack to decisive a day or two. On January 20, Lawson Thomas, a sombre gang constituent, dies, and the gang contemplates turning to cannibalism. The men inferd that in dispose to survive, they must eat the still gang constituents. It is ironic that the men coagulated to cannibalism, owing they feared the subvertow-creatures of the Marquesas. Three months following the Essex sank; the cherishing two whaleboats are retaked in irrelative areas adesire the South American seashore. Two men were left aspeed in Pollard’s boat and three men in Chase’s boat. Nickerson, Chase, and Lawrence come-to in Valparaiso, Chile on February 25, 1821, and are receiven end to Nantucket aboard whale ship Hero. Both Nantucket and the survivors of the Essex progressive following the ship’s immerseing. The whaling assiduity promptly subvert to other towns. A person that burned nighly a third of the town pretended to the up-hillies. The men of the Essex were haunted when recalling what happened. Even Chase was supposed unreasonable. This incident caused the town of Nantucket to severed. The townspersons were no desireer bonded by whaling, owing the assiduity made a droop. The present men of the Essex became sanctimonious, turning to cannibalism, one object they feared and frowned upon. This incident helps us inferiorstand what these men had to do when they are stranded, and teaches us the significance of species, prosperity, and indisposition. Bibliography "Alone in the Pacific. " Salariya Publishing. Web. 18 Oct. 2010. <http://www. salariya. com/web_books/whaling/alone/alone. html>. "Nantucket Island History. " Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce. Web. 18 Oct. 2010. <http://www. nantucketchamber. org/visitor/trivia. html>. Philbrick, Nathaniel. In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship. New York,NY: Penguin, 2000. Print.