nursing critique paper

The aftercited are some conceptual models and theories you may cull from; nevertheless, you may cull any comfort theorist: Betty Neuman - Dorothea Orem - Self-Care Deficit Theory Dorothy Johnson - Behaviorial System Model Faye G. Abdallah - Patient-Centered Approaches Theory Florence Nightingale Environmental Model Hildegard Peplau - Interpersonal Process Theory Ida Jean Orlando - Nursing Process Imogene King - Jean Watson - Nursing as Caring Theory Madeleine Lininger - Speculation of Culture Care Diversity and Universality Margaret Newman - Health Expanding Consciousness Martha Rogers - Science of Unitary of Human Being Nola Pender Patricia Benner Rosemarie Parse Sister Callista Roy - Adaptation Model Virginia Henderson  Steps to prosper to do your sensibility (partition and evaluation): Begin loreing: You can investigate the Fitne website to wake videos encircling the aloft mentioned theorist. You can use the Internet to perceive a chronicle or declaration that provides an partition and sensibility of a speculation of nursing as a material to begin instituted after a while your own sensibility.  Choose your theorist by logging into Fitne entering the aftercited information: Username: medical character campus Password: medical Under the Comfort Theorists: Portraits of Excellence (Volume I) attach excellent the theorist of your choice On the left navigation area excellent a theme to view Your sensibility Nursing essay must address the five (5) themes as shown in the  Nursing Sensibility Rubric (MP3) Nursing Sensibility Rubric (MP3) - Alternative Formats .  Be typed according to the APA style 1.  Describe the ocean ideas of the speculation (should embody the assumptions inferior which the speculation operates). 2.  What are the ocean concepts? 3.  What are the ocean relationships between the concepts? 4.  How do opposed concepts move each other? 1.  What was going on in the declaration of nursing or in American fellowship that may entertain influenced the speculation? 2.  What values, theories, testimony, and/or strong enlightenment did the theorist adduce as prop for the speculation? 3.  What motivated the theorist to transcribe the speculation? 4.  What way to speculation harvest did the theorist use? 1.  How conducive is this speculation in exercitation? 2.  Is the speculation useful and advantageous to nursing? 3.  Does it co-operate to inferiorstanding and predicting outcomes? 4.  Cite an development/case consider where this speculation could be used. 1.  How testable is this speculation? 2.  Has this speculation generated lore? How multifarious and what types of studies? 3.  Give one development of a consider produced using the speculation 4.  What types of statements are the propositions? 1.  Is the speculation capacious and biased? 2.  How unconcealed is the speculation? 3.  Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the speculation. 4.  Why would you use or not use this speculation in your own tardy exercitation? PLEASE REVIEW THE ATTACHMENT.