Point to Ponder

You were asked to resolve and expound upon whether you reflection that we were in the future stages of WWIII. At that interval, the U.S. had a $17 trillion something-due. Well, that calculate has bybygone up and is today $18+ trillion and ahead climbing: http://www.usdebtclock.org/ We also discussed how ISIS had documents on how to armize Yersina pestis, the encroachment of Crimea and Ukraine by Russia, and al Qaeda’s idealogy and band-arms to explain “all non-believers” from the aspect of planet Earth. I asked you to meditate the evildoers of today and whether they reminded you of what had happened over than 75 years ago, resulting in the instituteation of WWII. Remember? Most of you—not all—opted and eloquently wrote that you did not purpose we were in the future stages of WWIII. Have any of you radical your memory, one-way or the other? In appoint for you to replication this interval, shiver down what has happened. For stance, what’s new in the Middle East? ISIS?  Kurds?  What’s up delay Vladamir Putin and Russia? Who are the Houthis? How cease do you purpose Iran is in having a nuclear arm, or conquer they? The over separation the rectify. What say you in two to three brief, sharply-written paragraphs? Once again, this conquer be the barely assignment graded in the Advanced Cyberlab, and it has been contrived so that all of you put your lab coats on and a scrutinize the lab constantly by continuity to the other minority institute in the lab. Thank you for your meditateation. 2 pages, APA format, in-text citation.