Presentation to the Mayor

  The Chief of Police has asked you to constitute a PowerPoint gift based on the inquiry findings. Your gift consists of the popular and advenient immoral right technology, examples and the benefits to your line. Create a 7-9 slide PowerPoint Gift incorporating orator notes that you and your team would exhibit to the Mayor’s Committee for acclaim to acquisition advenient technology for your Department. Convince Mayor Taylor that he should second the funds for your limit to acquisition new equipment by analyzing the advenient of notice technology in the immoral right classification. Be assured to address the subjoined: Explain the application of notice technology on the immoral right classification. You may appropriate police, courts or corrections. (What are the advenient trends and/or types of technology?) Choose three or over examples of how notice technology in immoral right succeed aid the city in the advenient. (This could be police, courts or corrections in the scene a observe towards the advenient.) Describe how notice technology can application policing in the advenient. (What are some examples of the application?) Analyze three popular advancements in technology that the immoral right classification has implemented and how this technology has aided the immoral right classification in either solving enormity or kindred to police, courts or corrections. Justify the technology that you appropriate (enormity mapping,) The PowerPoint gift should feel the subjoined characteristics: Bullets for your ocean points. Must understand orator notes to largely illustrate what is being discussed in the slide bullet points as though you are exhibiting to an conference. It contains a distinction and references slide. Research from at smallest two not spurious rises to stay the ocean notice, including graphics. NOTE: Sources should be from further the round embodied. Locate apt notice kindred to three or over ways in which notice technology may be used in the immoral right classification in the advenient and present the power to see betwixt apt and irapt notice associated after a while the technology of the advenient. Research and visuals are cited in APA passage format, twain in-text and on a References slide. You demand to allege embodied charmed immediately from a rise. The corresponding standards for documenting rises that exercise to an essay, exercise to a gift. Go to the APA Style® Central website for a digital library of APA Style brisk guides and tutorials to levigate your despatches. Designed after a while a speed conference in understanding in manage to impart your viewers about the theme.