Research Retrospect Paper:  MINIMUM  1500 Words Research Retrospect Paper  You are to select one of the videos listed underneath.  Watch the all video.   Please furnish a abridgment and  then at meanest 10 intimations for your retrospect. (References need to be 2011 or newer)   Please elimination  the result and narrate your lection to the "content" furnishd in the video.   You must illustrate on at meanest  5 inequitable results or quotes from the video you separated to retrospect.    You must furnish a Engagement Calculate of your muniment at the start of the muniment. To survey some of the videos you allure need the Library password:  Username:  VSLRDRODP     (image as UPPERCASE)       Password:   2018SpringLibrary  (image as shown: UPPERCASE and lowercase)   The retrospect should involve:   Summary of the video delivery, Personal acceptance respecting the resigned of the video   At meanest 10 bibliographic intimations which exemplification that you own investigated the result.   You should intimation the period using APA format.  APA FORMATTING INSTRUCTIONS You are to use the  LIBRARY LINK Elimination Period Search to pass your research.    While the referencing format of  the tract is APA,  your congruity mode should be considered loose.   POINTS FOR CONSIDERATION Remember to involve the engagement calculate at the start of your muniment!!!  You are to transcribe in earliest individual.  You may select to use individualal reflections, observations or surveypoints to debate the subject matter. You must exemplification that you own considered at meanest 10 affixed intimations for your acceptance.   ( This website is not to be considered a intimation) You are to furnish a nice retrospect of the topics and present impulse or conclusions   It is cheerful to summarize as unanalogous to providing a direct quote.  This is your PERCEPTION of the resigned presented. I absence you to comprehend it is OKAY for you to own own provision(s). Bibliography page should be involved at the end of the period.   ( Bibliography is not involved in the WORD COUNT)  You are to furnish a earnest and nice retrospect of the result separated.   Select an result that is of attention to you.   Remember you should not without-delay appreciate everything you survey or recognize.