Research paper Review

  Data Science investigation disquisition re-examination For this assignment, you get choiceeded a prevalent investigation disquisition (published gone 2016) to re-examination. You may choiceeded any investigation disquisition that is cognate to Data Science or Big Data Analytics. I strongly commend that you initiate your quest at Google Learner ( Once you invade your quest expression(s), choiceeded the "Since 2016" amalgamate on the left. Feel gratuitous to choice ANY apt disquisition. (I would commend that you choiceeded one that you can unravel and digest in a serious aggregate of duration. Don't choiceeded a 100 page disquisition!) Here is a insufficient schedule of what I want: 1) Your re-examination should be 1/2 to 1-1/2 pages, sole spaced. (DO NOT achieve the page length! Really. I'm not kidding.) 2) Please upload a Microsoft Word instrument to propose your re-examination. 3) You should little digest the pleased of the proviso or disquisition and expound how it relates to Data Science and/or Big Data Analytics. 4) IMPORTANT - Furnish your own toll of the proviso. (Did it effect sagacity? Did you imbibe everything from it? Do you tally or distally delay the pleased?)  5) Use the APA title for the disquisition and any references. You MUST use APA in-text references AND furnish a schedule of any media you used in the references schedule at the end of your disquisition. (PLEASE do NOT overuse references. More than a townsman for such a insufficient disquisition is overkill.)