Software PowerPoint

Imagine you are a new benefaction constituent in a ample university psychology branch. You deficiency to lay-open a PowerPoint gift to your dean on the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing a inherent software program by the branch. You procure use the theme “Effects of divert on children’s counsel (academic act)” as the plea for your examples in this gift. Describe the software program of share to you. Provide indurated advantages and disadvantages of using      inherent software programs in open. Include counsel that reflects the merits and      drawbacks of the detail software program that is of share to you. Include counsel that reflects the merits and      drawbacks of manual partition. Provide a warning to the dean on whether or not      a software program would be salubrious and powerful or whether      researchers in the branch should use manual partition. Locate at last 5 declaration published in the last 5 years that are knowing and peer-reviewed that husband superior software programs in the inherent investigation contrivance that procure be used for the theme of “Effects of divert on children’s counsel (academic act)”  Incorporate alienate animations, transitions, and graphics as well-behaved-behaved as “logician notes” for each slide. The logician notes may be interposed of insignificant paragraphs or bulleted lists. Support your gift after a while at last five knowing media. In abstracted to these limited media, other alienate knowing media may be interposed. Length: 10-12 slides (after a while a unconnected relation slide) Notes Length: 200-300 vote for each slide Be safe to include citations for quotations and paraphrases after a while relations in APA format and phraseology where alienate. Every logician notes exception should accept at poverty 1 in-text citation