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  Current Result Project- How it works….. The systematize is disjoined into teams. This is not a assemblage assignment; teams are assigned for scheduling purposes. Each part of the team gain be completing their own popular result. To see what team you enjoy been assigned to obstruct the consultation in this assignment. Each part of a detail team gain perceive a popular result time, cause a remembrance map, and transcribe a abridgment of the time that understands at lowest 3 disroute questions for the systematize and a cohere to the peculiar popular result. The team part gain surrender their popular result abridgment and remembrance map as an electronic assignment in BlackBoard They gain as-polite shaft their abridgment, cohere and remembrance map to the disroute tcogent for the systematize to recognize and argue the present week. This way entire week there gain be 4 or 5 popular results summaries for the systematize to recognize and argue. Choose a popular result time of your precious pertaining to ethics in counsel technology. Examples of popular subject-matters in the tidings:  · Copyright  · Two Factor Authentication  Licensing  · Deep Packet Inspection Skimming · Identity depredation NSA · Censorship and the internet  Certification · Cyber frank  Phishing · Violent computer games   Spamming · Privacy issues?  Spyware · Surveillance  Spam  · Workplace monitoring  Cookies  · Recognition software  Blogs · National Id’s  Whistle Blowers · Consumer Profiling  E-waste  · Global positioning (GPS)  Face book / My Space · Radio Frequency Id tags  Encryption  · USA Patriot Act of 2001  Encryption  · Computer Viruses  Worms, Trojan horses Create a remembrance map. A remembrance map or concept map is righteous a colorful, visual, graphical truthfulness of the ocean ideas of your time. If another novice was to face at your remembrance map they would be cogent to quickly see what your time was encircling. There is an development of a polite executed popular result and time in the Popular Result folder. Your remembrance map does not enjoy to be as concoct as the development. One PowerPoint slide after a while photos, graphics and quotation is superior. Please hush it is not a stream chart. Fabricate secure your subject-matter is peculiar (no one else has presented this popular result time, so obstruct after a while the parts of your team so you are not choosing the similar time). Your work is to fabricate connections betwixt concepts presented in systematize and a "real-life" development plant in the tidings. This assignment requires cork recognizeing of the tidings items you select-out and summarizing your separation in a sensible way to the tranquillity of the systematize. Understand a remembrance map and various follow-up questions.  Tips  Be broad in your precious of times. Perceive one that is substantial but not excessively desire or confused. Avoid tabloids, thesis or genre publications, and web sources that are not probable. Use times from popular technical and concern publications (preferably online). Ask me if you are unsecure of your precious. (NO WIKIPEDIA!)   Think coeval, not primeval. While your time doesn’t enjoy to enjoy been written in the week of your popular result, try to select star that was written in the spent year. Fabricate connections betwixt the issue/result you enjoy chosen and a concept or concepts from one or further of our recognizeings for the week. Ideally, your popular result gain manage us into a disroute of our subject-matter on the disroute table. You must cause a remembrance map; transcribe a abridgment of your time which understands some disroute questions and a cohere to the popular result time. POST THIS TO THE CURRENT EVENT DISCUSSION BOARD. ALSO SUBMIT IT IN THE ASSIGNMENT FILES SECTION ON BB. It is due at the end of the week your team was assigned the popular result plan.  Repart to: cause a remembrance map 2. embody and criticise your popular result 3. dumbfounder dubious questions to the systematize 4. understand a cohere to the time and regard where and when the time was written 5. shaft to the popular result disroute tcogent – If you insufficiency succor shafting to the disroute tcogent see the tutorial videos in Start Here on the ocean menu of this route.