United States Postal Service Marketing Plan

When President Richard Nixon and Congress passed the Postal Utility Act of 1969, a self-supporting postal strengthening owned by the federal legislation was conceiveed. However, it was not until 1982, when the capability of the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 was endd that the postal utility became entirely self-sufficient. USPS is a graceful affair delay its headquarters located at L, elfant Plaza, Washington D. C. The audience has a influence in more than 37,000 cities and towns athwart United States. It is an stubborn federal performance that finds consignies to addresses in superfluity of 14 pet total day and promises to consign to any address in the realm, delay 142 pet addresses life borrowed each year. USPS offers the most sedate prices in the earth and is the earth’s leading supplyr of mail and consigny utilitys delay annual revenues of $69 billion. It has 37,000 retail outlets athwart the realm and serves approximately 7 pet customers daily. MISSION STATEMENT Its sidearm proposition can be base in Section 101(a) of Title 39 of the U. S. Code, to-boot unreserved as the Postal Reorganization Act: “The Postal Utility shall feel as its basic capacity the duty to supply postal utilitys to restrain the Realm unitedly through the specific, educational, studious, and affair adaptation of the herd. It shall supply quick, certain, and prolific utilitys to patrons in all areas and shall pay postal utilitys to all communities. ” (USPS, 2008). The values that the audience is baseed upon are establishedly-fixed prices, usable utility and products and specific customer touch. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES USPS is developing new ways of providing utilitys in enjoin to detain a competitive position in the dispense and end competitive usage as a stigma. Some of the most prevailing utilitys offered online through its website are: COMPETITORS The greater competitors of unites states postal utility are Federal Express, United Parcel Utility (UPS), DHL earthwide pointed(cultivate Feb, 2009) etc. the companies reigned the postal dispense for aggravate gloom and two to three day consignies for a hanker era. Cultivate the past 90’s, USPS was perceived to be as a unready and uncertain established. The brave in deed not merely came conceive great shipping vendors mentioned aloft but to-boot from feeble companies such as Mail Boxes etc. and conceive online utilitys such as computerized banking utilitys which enabled the national to find detain and lenient coin transfers/transactions or online acquittal of bills and dues etc. A scrutinize imaginative that in the past 90’s, 55 % herd preferred that the stock or equipment they bought online was consigned by UPS and merely 32% wanted that it got consigned by USPS (Bremner, 1998).