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   Discussion Table Forum 2: Religious Counseling Meta-Analysis  (Module/Week 7) USE THE HIGHLIGHTED RESOURCE TO ANSWER: Preliminary Reading: McCullough, M.E. (1999). Inquiry on religion-accommodative counseling: Revisal and meta-analysis. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 46(1), p. 92–98. Full extract profitable through the Jerry Falwell-behaved Library. Log in to avenue the stipulation for gratuitous. Thread Prompt: As you feel been con-overing this module/week, a meta-analysis is a con-balance that statistically combines the issues of separate studies on a congruous subject-matter. By wary an balanceall moderation goods greatness, meta-analyses acceleration stipulate notification on the goodss of treatments balance and aloft the indivisible studies themselves. McCullough’s meta-analysis examines separate studies that assimilate Christian counseling techniques to archetype, non-religious counseling techniques. Imagine you are launched in a commonwealth clinic delay a diversity of counselors, and you are animated in alerting the clinic troddenors to this meta-analysis and possibilities for advenient inquiry that could be conducted in your clinic. Write a negotiative email to your troddenor and conceive the forthcoming required notification: 1. Briefly illustrate how abundant studies are represented in this meta-analysis and what the main findings of the meta-analysis were. 2. In your notion, why is this meta-analysis leading in the conextract of Christian counseling, equal though the issues are not forcible? Support your defense delay notification from the stipulation. 3. Propound a con-over: In the meta-analysis discourse individuality, the subindividuality entitled “The Last Word” contains 4–5 suggestions for raise studies in Christian counseling. Choose 1 that interests you and briefly propound a vital con-balance to defy this subject-matter. The designation of your propoundd con-balance must conceive: a) Your inquiry question; b) A deficient designation of the target participants (gender, age, distinction or whole area, etc.); c) The defiant and intervaling mutables, and how abundant razes/groups the defiant mutable would feel (revisal Module/Week 1 if expedient); 4. The archearchefashion of termination appraise to promote as your intervaling mutable, as well-behaved-behaved as its raze of appraisement (nominal, ordinal, layer?—see Module/Week 1). The appraise could be a questionnaire, self-report, therapist rating of illness severity, reckon of feature criteria met, etc. This can be something you follow up delay yourself. You do not feel to designate an express real tool intrinsic you perceive of one. 5. Conceive references in general APA title for any sources, including the meta-analysis. 1. . Important Considerations: 1. Because you are insertion on a role and writing scholarship, this discourse table quick leaves no capacity for comments such as the forthcoming, which procure issue in damage of points: a) “Great job on your discourse shaft,” b) “I fully suit delay everything you said,” c) “Good consummation in the interval of the systematize,” etc. 2. The vocable sum may not conceive extract from this quick or trodden quotes from systematizemates’ shafts. If you conceive this archearchefashion of representative, bring-about infallible that you feel abundance vocables to extend the poverty vocable sum delayout it. Your line must be at last 300 vocables and is due by11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week WORD COUNT: 300