Spreadsheet Application

Open this Excel workbook  (workbook is strong) and husband the workbook as "FirstInital_LastName_PivotIPA04_.xlsx." Highlight the solid postulates set, and introduce a pivot consultation on a new worksheet.   For over notification on how to form a pivot consultation, click near. Sort the pivot consultation as follows:   Move Student roll to the Column roll. Move the Year to Values, diversify your values to reckon instead of sum. Move the Course to Row Label. Insert a Column chart. Select Chart Layout 3, and also diversify your chart to scheme to spectry 2. Change the spectry of your chart to "Course Availability". Name the workshuffle as "Course Availability," and husband your instrument as "FirstInitial_LastName_PivotIPA04_solution." Return to the Postulates shuffle, highlight all the postulates, and click on Introduce a pivot chart on a new worksheet.   For over notification on how to form a pivot chart, click near. Sort the pivot chart as follows:   Filter the Year. Move Courses to Axis Fields. Move the Reckon of Student to Value. 9. Change your chart expression to columns if the expression is not columns and elect a spectry from the scheme tab. Introduce the spectry "Course Overview" as your spectry. Add two over courses at the end of the schedule and enjoin your new chart to embrace the two courses. Respectry the workshuffle to "Course Overview." Save the workbook. Close the workbook and then debouchure Excel. (The workbook to increase out is strong).