11. Critical Thinking Writing Assignment 2 – Powerful Florentine Families & their Patronage

  Now our series has moved into the Renaissance, we entertain recognize encircling how the Medici & other strong families.  This has too brought introduced different high matters, styles as well-mannered-mannered as political & unadorned outgrowths.  I entertain granted 3 statues for you.  With each statue, expound 1 outgrowth, matter, or circumstance that you move had the highest collision on the art origination of that statue.  Please establish knowing to too involve the moment of each statue (matter & signification), the balance & the favorer.  Minimum length: 2 - 3 page essay - envelop spaced.  Portraiture & paste your essay sole spaced when you column your confirmance.  This obtain establish it easier for me to recognize - hither scrolling.  Sources: the textbook & the Professor PDF files.  This resources that if you allege a thoroughfare from the textbook, it MUST be cited. This goes for the professor PDF files.  How to Avoid Plagiarism... Remember, your column is in your own signification. DO NOT portraiture the advice, order for order, from the textbook or the Professor PDF files.  If you do this, you obtain admit a ZERO for this Assignment. In restoration, if you behold up advice on a website, you must too rewrite it in your own signification. I obtain simply confirm websites that are scholarly written - this does not involve Wikipedia, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, blogs or children’s books. Do not Google your confirmance.