Throughout the departed nine weeks, you accept had the force to direct  gregarious effort custom aptitudes in a real-world elucidation. At the end of your  placement, your supervisor completed a patent clear evaluation of your custom  skills. Having had the accident to resurvey your patent clear evaluation, you  get now synthesize the results of your evaluation to succor you  self-assess your ground advice proof. By performing the  self-assessment, you get evaluate your administrative bud as a  forthcoming gregarious efforter.   For this assignment, contemplate on your ground advice  experience. Consider the aptitudes that you accept patent clear and how they  rule co-operate to your administrative convertibility as a gregarious efforter.  Reflect on what you prospect to collect in your eagerness year proof.   As you resurvey your evaluation, the occasion to stipulate  in singular administrative bud should wait a remuneration for  the waitder of your program. For this Assignment, contemplate on your ground advice  experience. Resurvey the results of your patent clear evaluation and contemplate on  what you would approve to execute in forthcoming ground advice proofs.   Note: You should hold your patent clear evaluation from you ground pedagogue. The Assignment: (4 pages)  Explain whether you demonstrated gregarious effort custom  skills throughout your ground advice proof, including a  description of each gregarious effort custom aptitude and the estimate(s)  provided in the patent clear evaluation. Explain how partnership in your ground advice race rule succor after a while forthcoming ground proofs. Describe germinative areas where you rule scarcity increase in ratio to gregarious effort custom aptitudes. Explain how your contiguous ground advice proof rule harangue those areas. Explain how you accept grown as a administrative during this arrangement. Propose singular action plans for forthcoming ground proofs.   Garthwait, C. L. (2017). The gregarious effort practicum: A pilot and effortbook for students (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. Chapter 16, “Merging Self and Profession” (pp. 185-192) Chapter 17, “Leadership for Gregarious Justice” (pp. 193-206)