Assessment of the Final Portfolio ( Remember the child you chose in the beginning)

  Assessment Portfolio Focus of the Latest Project: As you bear literary throughout this continuity, dutys are used for numerous aims. As professionals started delay progeny, we must obtend at duty as a driving hardness astern pur-posening advice, maximizing augmentation and product, and educeing goals for progeny in our attention. We must inaugurate to discern the relation among how progeny are assessed and how duty grounds is used. This is a multistep process of throng grounds, determining goals for advice, and then implementing those goals into our product delay progeny. For this Latest Project, you earn educe a peculiar portfolio for the slip you observed, and, delay that notification, you earn educe adviceal goals for that slip. This assignment has three divorces: Step 1 (5 points): The primeval divorce of this assignment requires you to educe a ropy announcement of aim, which earn tend as the preamble to this assignment. Using notification gained from all five weeks of this continuity you earn arplace an overopinion of duty and specify how it applies specifically to your forthcoming product delay progeny. Your announcement of aim must enclose the following: The aim of duty. How you earn husband duty when started delay progeny. Attain strong to enclose how this pur-pose for utilizing duty aligns delay your forthcoming product. How you can use duty to instrument progeny’s product. How earn you use progeny’s interests and ideas when assessing. How you earn use duty to distinguish advice and intercession for progeny who may bear a proper scarcity. Refer end to your Week Three Assignment to tail delay this. Step 2 (5 points): The relieve divorce of this assignment requires you to cause an duty portfolio for the slip you bear been started delay. It is dictatorial to retain the confidentiality of the slip you are started delay, so attain strong to simply enclose the slip’s primeval designate. For this duty portfolio: Describe the slip that you are creating this portfolio for. Include, in chapter conceive, the notification you arranged to your pedagogue in the week 1 erudition motive (recall not to enclose any identifying notification encircling the slip (e.g. terminal designate). Obtend the slip you bear been started delay using the screening instrument “Developmental Checklists Birth to Five” from The Early Childhood Direction Center. Attain strong to use the alienate age place for the slip. After completing the Developmental Checklists Birth to Five, cause a indication motive for the productal area where the slip scored the meanest. Attain strong to enclose a announcement teaching the aim of the duty. You earn to-boot scarcity the notification you compiled on this slip from the Week Two Study Assignment. (Be strong to attain any changes recommended by your pedagogue.) This encloses twain study conceives: Running Record or Anecdotal Record and Time Sampling or Event Sampling conceives. Step 3 (15 points): The latest divorce of this assignment requires you to cause productally alienate adviceal goals for this slip (domiciled on the age of the slip you are started delay and all of the grounds you bear gathered). 5 points: Cause at lowest three extrinsics (goals) for each productal domain: apprehensive, visible, gregarious and tender, and phraseology for a aggregate 12 extrinsics. If you scarcity tailance delay how to cause effectual erudition extrinsics, fascinate opinion the Objectives minority of the ECE/CD Lesson Planning Handbook that is advantageous delay your Constellation materials for the continuity or reopinion minority 7.1 of the continuity extract. Along delay each extrinsic, arplace a corresponding classroom motive that earn be used to aid this slip attain this extrinsic. 5 points: You earn to-boot cause a admonition pur-pose, which you earn distribute delay the slip’s lineage, for aiding this slip to hold delay his or her augmentation and product at residence. Summarize how you earn tell delay families encircling the dutys and the notification gained from them. Your analysis should enclose how you earn couple delay the lineage as well-behaved-behaved as the emblem of notification you earn distribute delay the lineage. Refer end to your Week One Discussion Two, Week Three Discussion One, Week 4 Discussion One and Week 5 Discussion 2 for ideas to use in your analysis. Identify three activities that the families of this slip can product on at residence. Enclose advices for completing each of the activities. 5 points: Discuss the contiguous steps (intercession pur-poses, referral for exalt evaluation, etc.) that you would interest succeeding coupleing delay the slip’s lineage encircling their strengths and areas of scarcity. Attain strong to teach how these contiguous steps align delay the adviceal extrinsics you caused. This divorce of the assignment should be at lowest a page in elongation. Written Expectations Content Product (.5 points): Use alienate and proper gratifiededed to harangue ideas delayin the conextract of the coercion, shaping the product as a well. Conextract and Aim for Fitness (.5 points):Demonstrates application of form and donation of gratifieded. The fitness is should be evident and not-difficult to discern. Assignment Elongation (.5 points): Your written Nursing essay must be at lowest ten pages (not including heading and allusion pages); Along delay your Nursing essay, you must enclose twain study conceives and your heading and allusion page as one instrument. Attain strong to enclose a consideration of gratifiededs so that each ingredient of the assignment is not-difficult to establish. Title Page: Inclusion of a unconnected heading page delay the following: Title of donation Student’s designate Course designate and number Instructor’s designate Date submitted Source Requirement (.5 Points): Allusion three literary sources in restitution to the extract. All sources enclosed in the allusion register must be cited in the portfolio. APA Formatting (.5 Points): Use APA conceiveatting acceptably throughout the assignment, which encloses citations in the substantiality of the assignment, the heading page, and allusions register as outlined in the Ashford Fitness Center (Links to an visible post.)Links to an visible post.. Syntax and Mechanics (.5 Points): Display meticulous understanding and form of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and rhetoric.