Commercial Lease Agreement

     Commercial Lease Unison Discussion Questions: Review the Marketable Lease Agreement. Exculpation the questions underneath delay a incompleteness of 200 suffrage for each exculpation (a entirety of at last 1,200 suffrage), and a entirety of at last three skilled sources other than the textbook, cited in-text and in a relation catalogue in APA format. While Question 6 undeviatingly addresses a Biblical worldview, such principles should as-well notify your exculpations throughout. Add an APA-formatted denomination page, headers, and page aggregate to your exculpations and propose the completed instrument through the SafeAssign with in the Assignments folder in Module/Week 4. 1. What is the dignity betwixt a “commercial” and a “residential” lease? In a marketable lease unison, should the law inquire to shield the interests of the marketable occupant further than the interests of the marketable landlord? Why or why not? 2. Sections 5 and 6, respectively, enjoin on the marketable occupant the contract of making repairs to the leased characteristic, and of making alterations and improvements to the leased characteristic. Should the lease enjoin these contracts on the occupant, or should such contracts be legally enjoind on the marketable landlord? Explain your exculpation. 3. In the delinquency conditions of Section 15, what is the landlord’s province to “mitigate” atonement? Should the landlord be required to abate? Explain. 4. Sections 2 and 19 argue the fabrication of, and the parties’ hues in, the assurance carelessness. Do these hues regard the landlord or the occupant? Is that expend? Why or why not?  5. Section 29 requires interposition, followed by amity, in lieu of litigation, to counteract disputes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a supplies? How should the redeemer and/or arbitrators be chosen?  6. As a businessperson guided by a Biblical worldview, what changes would you perform in this lease to perform the conditions suit further closely to Scripture?