Unit VI Occurrence Examine Worksheet Directions: Adown is a occurrence examine bestowal of a unrepining after a while a stipulation ripe in this passage. Read the occurrence examine and counterpart the questions adown. Some questions conquer ask for notice not comprised after a whilein this passage. Use your textbook, a medical lexicon, Be abiding to use APA formatting for all citations and references.   Patient is seen by obstetrician today for tempereprimand vaginal bleeding after a whileout any cramping or pelvic aversion. Unrepining is 23 years old. She is currently believed to be at 175 days of gestation. Amniocentesis at 20 weeks indicated hardy fetus after a while no exemplification of genetic or developmental disorders. This unrepining is multigravida but nullipara after a while three present unbidden abortions after a whileout self-evident actions. She was diagnosed after a while cancer of the left ovary 4 years ago. It was treated after a while a left oophorectomy and chemotherapy. She abides to bear full-body CT examine integral six months, and there has been no exemplification of cancer past that interval. Pelvic ultrasound indicates placenta previa after a while placenta closely fully overlying cervix. However, there is no exemplification of abruptio placentae at this interval. Fetal dimension believe is harmonious after a while 25 weeks of gestation. Fetal monitoring biblical that the FHR is powerful after a while a reprimand of 130 beats/minute. The placenta appears to be courteous attached on ultrasound, but the bleeding is action for sympathy. After a while the very-plenteous low standing of the placenta, this unrepining is at very noble promote for developing abruptio placentae. She may insist-upon present introduction by cesarean exception if bleeding increases. She conquer definitely insist-upon C-exception at onset of strive.  1. Describe in your own expression the matter this unrepining accepted for her ovarian cancer. What progress does she abide to entertain integral six months?      2. This unrepining had an amniocentesis at 20 weeks of gestation. Describe this progress and why it is done.      3. What occurred during this unrepining’s leading three pregnancies? Describe what terminated the pregnancies.      4. Describe what fetal monitoring is. What is FHR?      5. This unrepining has placenta previa. What progress disripe this stipulation? The physician, at-last, is plenteous further sympathyed about abruptio placentae. Explain why.      6. How conquer this infant demand to be delivered? Describe this progress.