History of CA research paper

Final Essay: A "Theme" of California  This assignment constitutes your last exam. It has the pre-eminent summit appreciate of any assignment in the round. It is due no aftercited than 1:00pm, on Monday, December 11.   In tracing the fact of California, one can test senior unvarnished materials that issue in the harvest of the clime that are twain glorious and recurring. Using notice from this work and disquisition notice, form an essay that examines delay component and informative descriptions, one of these materials. You conciliate nonproduction to screen a significantly ample span epoch of California's fact.  Consider and choice one of the seven materials adown to be your pamphlet's material:       Rapid Change       Growth       Diversity       Youth       "California Dream"       Unique       Trend Setter  Your toil is to “prove” one material by exhibiting bearing examples of postulates, adventures, actions, statistics, attitudes, perceptions, quotes—in concise everything that you venerate aids it.  Notes:  The completed essay should be among 1,000-1,500 language (at last 4 generous pages).  There may be balancelap among two or more materials. That is finished but it is influential to hold as abundant convergence as you can on a solitary material.     Keep in memory the redundant rules of putting coincidently a meaningful  essay. You should:       find, interpret, and choice weighty notice       assess and evaluate that notice       organize, edit, and exhibit that notice     Essays conciliate be assessed by the aftercited criteria:  Breadth  Does it adequately expand the material balance a meaningful epoch of span? Do not boundary your demonstration to a solitary adventure or thin span epoch.  Clarity  Is the notice complimentary and understandable? Is it bearing to the material?  Specificity  Are there particular postulates/examples to aid your material?  Accuracy  Are your postulates and contentions veracious and emend?  Length  Is the essay the misspend diffusiveness delay self-possessed form dimension, spacing, and margins?  Presentation  Is the essay formd, stapled, edited for style and spelling, handsome, and self-possessed to interpret?  Directions  Did you flourish all instructions emendly, including academic completeness?     Important: Assume the interpreter of your essay knows button encircling California fact. It is your responsibility to stipulate tit component to shape your pamphlet meaningful to the interpreter. You should conceive names, dates, specification of conditions where needed, and description of the larger summits. There should be an importation that plainly identifies the material you possess choiceed.