Marketing Research Analysis: Santa Fe Grill Mexican Restaurant

Marketing Learning Analysis: Santa Fe Grill Mexican Restaurant             The Santa Fe Grill Mexican restaurant is a proportionately new restaurant in Dallas, Texas. It was systematic by two earlier affair colleagues from the University of Nebraska, twain of whom had entrepreneurial curiosity-behalfs. Their conversance and habit in the operations of a restaurant definitive them they were responsive and could produce a restaurant.             Prior to establishing the restaurant, the proprietors lowertook a communicate demographic and competitive feature anatomy which concluded that Dallas, Texas was the most permissive colony for the affair. However, a year and half behind the utility, the proprietors effectuate that the restaurant has not been as auspicious as they had anticipated. To emend the exploit of the restaurant, the proprietors own firm to awaken the condition aid.             This expression gain awaken the instance to establish the main drifts preventing the consummation of the affair as expected, evaluate the practictalented disentanglements forwarded, and revisal the affair’ SWOT foothold. In union, the recommended disentanglement gain be revisaled as courteous as prproffer the emblem(s) of learning programs that the proprietors can use. Finally, the article gain try and add raise miens that the proprietors should investigate in their anatomy. Problems Identified             Behind vulgar the restaurant for 18 months, the proprietors own effectuated that it has not met the standards they had set in stipulations of exploit. The important drift signed in the instance is on customer atonement. The proprietors effectuate they do not easily imply the restaurant characteristics and their interactions and how they give to customer atonement. Solutions Offered by the Owners             The proprietors own incomplete to set-about aid learning into the eventors that pursue customer atonement and their interactions. The entrepreneurs to-boot effectuate that they own to re-evaluate their target communicate and how it relates after a convenience the restaurant. As exalted by Hair, Bush, and Ortinau (2006), such a communicateing learning gain empower the entrepreneurs to emend their communicateing decisions as courteous as aid them in planning their short- and long-term strategies. SWOT Anatomy of Santa Fe Grill Restaurant             According to Bohm (2008), SWOT anatomy involves the evaluation of a community’s forces, enervationes, opportunities, and denunciations and standpointes on twain the outer and inside, and the indirect and definitive eventors of the affair. This is aid shown in the condition adown. Quoting Nieschlag (2002) Bohm still n esss that through SWOT anatomy, a affair is talented to unfold a communicateing manoeuvre establish on the community’s force convenience at the identical duration relinquishing its enervationes and aligning the coming of the community on the availtalented opportunities after a convenience heed to the denunciations in the communicate (2008). Figure 1: The SWOT Anatomy Chart. Strengths             The concept of the Santa Fe Grill Mexican Restaurant is a important force. The concept of the restaurant is fixed on freshly done assistance and jovial environment. The restaurant has a fun and jovial sphere cheered by fitted utility. This is a important force past the target communicate is the baby boomers and boyish families. Such a clientele would prize a fun and jovial environment for them and their upshot.             Another force for the restaurant is its proprietors. The proprietors of the restaurant are earlier affair students. This gives the proprietors a beginning of speculative and conceptual conversance for the consummation of the affair. This is obvious in their making-ready for the starting of the affair. In union, the proprietors own habit in the operations of a restaurant. It is exalted that one of the proprietors is conversancetalented in supervisorial miens of restaurant from the habit as an ally supervisor. The other proprietor has worked as a waiter and hence has the conversance of the customer utility miens. Weaknesses             The affair is quiescent proportionately boyish and it quiescent has to set-about measures to flexion out a niche for itself. This is its important enervation as it quiescent has to rearrange after a conveniencein to be talented to depose itself in the communicate. Opportunities             The opportunities that are availtalented to the affair is as signed in the primal communicate anatomy that showed that 56% of the population in Dallas were married after a convenience upshot and 51% earning betwixt $35,000 and $75,000 per year. These, complemented by the event that importantity of the population was at the age of betwixt 35 and 64 years proffers the affair after a convenience the opening to advance in the coming.             The US Census Bureau showed that by 2000, the Mexican population in Dallas, TX was 350,491 convenience the sum calculate of Hipics in Dallas was 422,587 in a sum population of 1,188,580 (2004). This proffers the affair an opening to advance and develop its communicate divide past it has a Mexican topic. Threats             The important outer denunciation for the boyish affair is ceremonious race. According to Citysearch (2010), Dallas has numerous Mexican restaurants. Some of the most far-famed Mexican restaurants as exalted by Citysearch embrace Mattito’s Mexican Restaurant and Cocina, Mercado Juarez Restaurant, Pappasito, Cantina, Desperado’s Mexican Restaurant Uno, and El Ranchito incomplete numerous others. The race proffered by these restaurants some of which own systematic themselves is the most solemn denunciation to the coming consummation and advanceth of Santa Fe Grill Mexican Restaurant. Proposed Solution             The proprietors own incomplete to set-about aid learning especially to imply the dynamics of customer atonement. As exalted by Burns and Bush (2006), communicateing learning links the affair to the communicate by muster the pertinent instruction. They aid still n ess that the instruction gain empower the proprietors to wield the drifts and barriers hindering advanceth of the affair. Suittalented Types of Learning Programs             As exalted by Hair et al (2006), there are separate ways in which a affair can append communicate instruction. They still n ess that instruction can be appended through observations, scan of respondents, and experiments. However, in the instance of Santa Fe, scan of respondents is the most expend emblem of scan. In this emblem of scan, the proprietors can be talented to illustration respondents who are pertinent to their object. The proprietors own posed specific questions that they pursue to retort. This contrive of learning gain empower them to standpoint their learning on the issues of curiosity-behalf. Hair et al (2006) still n ess that lower scan of respondents there are options such as person-administered, telephone-administered, self-administered, and computer-assisted scans. The two entrepreneurs can merge separate methods in command to maximize the remainder of the use. A league of the impure methods can be talented to append the pertinent instruction to retort the questions posed by the proprietors. Additional Questions             The questions incomplete by the proprietors are “Are the customers amiable or not? Why are the customers not amiable? Are there drifts after a convenience the assistance, the sphere, or some other mien of restaurant operations (e.g. employees or utility)? Is the target communicate justly defined, or do they insufficiency to standpoint on a unanalogous niche? What are the vile characteristics of the amiable customers?”             In union to these questions, the proprietors should add questions that gain empower them to establish and develop their communicate divide. Such questions could be; “What divide of the population does the restaurant benefit? What is the communicate divide of each of the competitors? What are the competitors doing unanalogous? What are we doing that is unanalogous from the competitors? What are some of the changes that the customers would approve to see?             The union of the overhead questions gain empower the proprietors of the restaurant to append raise instruction that gain empower the affair to establish raise opportunities for paraphrase as courteous as denunciations to relinquish or market after a convenience. References Bohm, A. (2008) The SWOT Analysis. Norderstedt, Germany: GRIN Verlag. Burns, A. C. and Bush, R. F. (2006) Marketing Learning and SPSS 13.0 Package. 5th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall Citysearch (2010) Dallas, TX Mexican Restaurants. Retrieved May 7, 2010 from Hair, J. F, Bush, R. P. and Ortinau, D. J. (2003) Marketing Research: Amid a Changing Instruction Environment. 2nd ed. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. US Census Bureau (2004) United States Census 2000. Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.